NHL 13 Now Available For Pre-Order, Coming August 28th?

Various retailers are currently holding pre-orders for the upcoming NHL 13, this is despite the game not yet having a cover athlete.

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mugoldeneagle033401d ago

An expiring CBA, which could mean no/delayed hockey. The game also usually launches 2nd week of September

Hopefully they learned from the NFL/NBA mistakes as of late and get that thing squared away asap.

Cover athlete should be Malkin

outlawlife3401d ago

+1 for malkin

I goto a lot of pens games and lately is the most I've seen him fired up ever. He's just turned into a complete animal.

TrendyGamers3401d ago

Definitely. And even though Giroux is right there in points, he just isn't as recognizable.

Soldierone3401d ago

God I hope we don't run into issues again. If we do I hope my Yotes have a confirmed owner by then. This isn't going to help that any though.

Anyone rooting to move our team can suck it.

TrendyGamers3401d ago

I think they'll get a new CBA no problem as long as they don't gauge the salary cap too much.