Eurogamer Sweden: Journey Review

Journey isn't a game - it's an experience. The few hours that this complete gem contains are completely breathtaking, and cement Thatgamecompany's status as visionaries.

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sonic9892546d ago

must must download epic emotional game really deserves our support gamers ( buddies )

GribbleGrunger2546d ago

this review must be read with the voice of the muppet chef

Azurite2546d ago

When I was a kid I thought the chef was French.

Droid Control2546d ago

I'm going to buy it.

I'm all about the Shenmue, Heavy Rain, Dear Easter's of this world.

raytraceme2545d ago

You shouldn't forget alan wake. Heavy Rain was also my most favorite game of all time and its emotional storytelling cant be beat yet.

MagicAccent2546d ago

Damn, only two hours.. Still, it's a first day buy.

Nac2546d ago

$15 for two hours isn't so bad. Afterall, how much do movie tickets cost at most cinemas these days?

TheLastGuardian2546d ago

Wow, so many perfect review scores. March 13th can't come soon enough.

josephayal2546d ago

I beat this game in 35 hours, to be honest the best indie game ever