Deadly Designer Sins: Religion

"Religion in video games is a mix of interesting ideas and failed designs. The idea of religion, its design and often the idea behind each faith or god is very "Western". By that I am referring to using Christianity as a base for any other faith. In the vast majority of games the way temples look will not differ at all from medieval style churches or cathedrals. Often, the gods who are represented by the churches feel generic, and are created to fit the story, rather than the world. Very often if there is a god in a game, it is certain that he or she will somehow act "down on earth" one way or another. Either their servants will have god-like powers, or the gods will take personal action in the happening of the men. Usually the "Evil" gods will take a more active role, than the "Good" gods. Now, let us look at this at an entirely different angle. How should religions be designed for games?"

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