The ‘Mass Effect 2′ DLC You Should Play Before ‘Mass Effect 3′

Have you beaten Mass Effect and its sequel? Are you eagerly awaiting the midnight or launch day opening of stores to pick up your copy of Mass Effect 3 on Tuesday, March 6th?

If so, and if you've not had a chance to complete all of the DLC offerings for Mass Effect 2, we've prepared this guide to help you make the best of this last chance pre-ME3 weekend. Time is of the essence and there are five DLC offerings to choose from. Below is information on all of them and our thoughts on whether or not they are must be played before jumping into the beginning of the end for Commander Shepard's story.

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MasterD9192546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I bought Kasumi - Stolen Memory & Lair of the Shadow Broker. Those two packs alone are a must-have for any ME2 fan getting ready for ME3.

I skipped Arrival because I had heard that it didn't offer anything aside from a story. I don't recall much about the firewalker pack...Thought that was some free hammerhead mission stuff but I could be wrong. Overlord is the only other DLC pack I wanted to try but didn't get the opportunity to yet.

Either way...I'm already prepping my Shepard for ME3.

Tdmd2546d ago

Overlord is pretty good and very worthy. Firewalker isn't - I found it very annoying.

FrightfulActions2546d ago

So... does Zaeed no longer count as DLC?

I wouldn't say Arrival is a 'need' to play, at all. It offers no real choice, it's just story-filler that leads to why Shepard is in trouble in Mass Effect 3. If you played the ME3 demo you'll hear Andserson say "after the shit you've done, anyone else would had been court-marshaled" well, Arrival tells you what it is he did. Because it really offers you no freedom of choice or anything, and the events always happen out, and ME3 will act like you played through it regardless, you're better off just watching it on youtube for the story.

LOGICWINS2546d ago

You just saved me $7 man lol.

Tdmd2546d ago

Youtube it is. Thanks for the advice!

krazykombatant2546d ago

Haven't bought any of the DLC for ME2. But I think I might get around to that to get try these two out.

no_more_heroes2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I've played all of them. It's been a while since I've played it though, so it might be a good idea to go through it again just to refresh my memory for ME3.

Tuesday can't get here fast enough!

guitarded772546d ago

So basically just play all the DLC?

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