Top Video Game Releases for March 2012

From the feature article:

"The publishers must want to end their fiscal quarters on a high note, as there are a ton of high-profile titles coming out this month. You can’t mention March 2012 without talking about the most anticipated trilogy-closing video game of all-time, Mass Effect 3. The final chapter of BioWare’s galactic soap opera will put an end to Commander Shepard’s story, and whether it works out or not depends on the choices you made in the previous two titles. Mass Effect 3 may overshadow some of the other March launches, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your attention. A full list of titles to watch out for has been listed below, along with brief profiles for each one."

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LaurenKB1232544d ago

Who has that much money!?!?!?

UltimaEnder2544d ago

I want at least 4-5 of those!