Harmonix set to show something new at PAX East this year

The schedule for this year’s PAX East has gone up, and digging through it, it seems Harmonix will have a panel at the event this year. Their panel is on Saturday April 7. Interestingly, it seems they’ve got something new coming. The schedule listing on the PAX site reads:

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GoldenAge2544d ago

So anyone want to make bets?

Instrument based, dance based, something different.

I bet instrument based meets dance based and connecting Dance Central with Rockband...

Hey not my fault I'm not that creative.

will_c_752544d ago

I am kind of with you on this but I am kind of hoping for a stand alone karaoke type product that lets you use three microphone for all your rb songs and maybe bring dance central songs over to other platforms. It would be great if they actually made the jukebox mode happen as well, so all the music I purchased can be used for something