Nvidia 9800 GX2 Coming February 2008

With games like Crysis requiring a monster system and a generous heart, Nvidia are looking forward to release their next high-end 9800 GX2 card just for that. Expect this baby on the Feb 19, 2008.

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DARKKNIGHT4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

the main reason pc gaming is not as "hot" as consoles:

1000.00Us hardware components.

Guwapo774580d ago

Yup! And for that 1000 bucks, you might get 2 good years of the highest graphics settings. Don't say just overclock it. You'd be lucky to get 10% framerate increase...

Hangmat4580d ago

I agree. Its a waste of money to buy new hardware every year only so that you can play the newest games in highest settings. Its much cheaper to buy a console and spend 60 bucks on a game reguraly.

peksi4580d ago

That beast must consume electricity something like... 1kw? No need to heat your apartment in winter after that purchase ;)

snipermk04580d ago

Looks like the console fans living in their parents basements are at it again. ;)An XBOX 360 is an excuse for being broke! Live with it!!

sak5004580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

YOu idiot i'm more happy with my 2 purchases of 360 than the fcking $700 7950GX2 card i bought 1 year back that cannot even play crysis on high settings. I used to upgrade the vga card almost every year but have had enough of it. 360 is more fun playing on 50". The COD4 runs far better and faster on my 360 than my 2000$ pc of one year back.

Edit: @ darkknight: Just read ur comment after posting mine. I guess we're on the same level. Glad someone is like minded as i'm on this notroious fanbois site.

snipermk04580d ago

I'm just glad with my $3000 PC. For those who have money to burn, they wont regret it. A high-end PC beats a measly console anyday. Enthusiast systems are not for the weak hearted n00bs sporting a hole in their wallets. I got a uber-end PC and you don't. So Tsk-tsk..STFU!

B Man4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

You are a moron sniper. Sorry, PC gaming DOESN'T beat console gaming... that's why PC gaming is going down the crapper. The only thing keeping PC gaming alive is MMORPGs and I wouldn't expect that to last a generation or 2 longer. Ya go ahead and spend all of that money on something as trivial as a piece of hardware. Meanwhile I'll be enjoying a nice car, a nice house and a family to feed. Despite what your D&D friends might have told you, good looking girls don't like little boys like you that spend all of their money on video games. Having an expensive PC doesn't make up for your ugly looks or other failures at real life.

So grow some freaking pubes and shut the hell up.

iLemon4580d ago

You either have a bad memory or would buy ocean front property in Iowa. I bought an 8800GTS and C2D system for about 1,200 a year ago. PC gaming is about cutting edge technology and lots of frames per second at very high resolution. I am sure COD4 looks good at 1280x600 with 2x Anti Aliasing but it looks much better at 1920x1280 with 2x Anti aliasing and 4x astrotopic filtering with 31 other players.

sak5004579d ago


Maybe ur elevator doesnt go all the way to the top. But i know how to build a machine.

BTW what is your system config? At the time i bought the system, somewhere in late aug or sept 2006 the components were pretty high end. I bought top of the line gigabyte mobo 965p DQ6, a 2.4C2D, Watercooling kit, Kingston 2x1gb ddr800, 7950GX2 512x2, 700watts psw etc at around $2300. Only few months down the road 8xxx series was launched. The nvidia dropped the support for Single SLI card in favor of making better drivers for 8x series. So u STFU.

iLemon4579d ago

Ocean front property in Iowa it is.

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