Politics: Which Candidates Support Gamers?

In the American presidential elections next November certain candidates make it a selling point that they'll legislate against mature video games and others want the industry to regulate itself (i.e. not ban mature video games for anybody). Unfortunately for gamers, the ones that want to ban mature games to some extent are actually the frontrunners for both parties right now. Here's an idea of the politicians' public stances on video games, based on a recent Common Sense Media survey.

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GCO Gamer4041d ago

She just trying to get our vote and to tell you something important it's working


Ron Paul will help you get the freedoms in America we deserve. GOOGLE RON PAUL, Check him out on You Tube! VOTE RON PAUL

ASSASSYN 36o4041d ago

Well, I was voting for Barack Obama anyways.

Damphear4041d ago

doesnt matter who your vote for they both work for the same people.

its just a lil game. your vote doesnt count. are any of you in the electorl colleges?? no so your vote doesnt mean jack.

and if one said there were for m games they would ban them in a heart beat.

bait and switch.

sadly we can have movies like saw but we cant play m games.

good game america

supermandead6664041d ago

Voters should vote for the candidates which have the best exit plan for Iraq, health care, education programs, less dependence on middle east oil more on renewable energy instead of candidates for or against games/gamers.


Vote Ron Paul, he has the answers to sll your concerns, but the media is has black listed him. You will not find anything positive on the news so check the web, show big business that the little guy has a voice!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.