PS Vita new game announcements next Friday! A list of our predictions. What are yours?

All Systems Go: According to the Japanese Playstation Vita Blog, there's some big unannounced games coming out for the PS Vita. While at this point, the announcement will only be for release dates, we took the time to compile a list of games we'd love to see revealed next Friday. Even though at this point, the announcement is tentatively for Japan only, we believe some of the titles will come to the U.S. and UK, and other countries as well.

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Colwyn4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

killzone ps vita
god of war vita
gran turismo vita
skyrim vita
mgs 4 vita

Dante1124295d ago

MGS Vita game.
God of War Vita game.

Idonthatejustcreate4295d ago

Three words.

Monster F*****g Hunter.

Either 4 HD or 5.

morganfell4295d ago

MGS1 Remake
COD title
Bioshock Exclusive Title
Bioshock 1 port
Syphon Filter
Jak and Daxter
Star Wars Battlefront
GTAV w/ PS3 Xplay
The Last of Us Alternate Story - connects to Last of US and has influencing features but isn't a true Xplay title ratehr tells the story of a character you meet in Last of Us.

Liquid_Ocelot4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

Hmm, is it me or we never got that exclusive "PSP" Resident Evil game that was mentioned a few years ago on E3?

Seems everyone forgot about that one.

IRetrouk4294d ago

yes i remember, hopefully they have just switched dev to the vita, although it may have been revelations.

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farhad2k84295d ago

MGS HD Collection for VITA.
Call of Duty official title announced.
Modnation or Uncharted GA multiplayer patch inbound.
GTA VITA (Possible remake, San Andreas?)

That's my guess.

farhad2k84295d ago

No way JQM, you're on this site? I never knew! :O
How are you?
What's your PSN btw?

rezzah4295d ago

Lol at you ^ two getting disagrees for knowing each other.

GuruStarr784294d ago


I'm pretty sure we're already friends on PSN. My PSN name is the same as it was on the forum...

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MmaFan-Qc4295d ago

would like to see a new Patapon and Valkyria Chronicles 3

TheFirstClassic4295d ago

Valkyria Chronicles 3 was already released, in Japan.

danny8184295d ago

its japan tho, so u can expect lots of rpgs and maybe a monster hunter

coryok4294d ago

this is a japanese event, i doubt that the titles announced will be western centric

Sorrow244294d ago

Which leads me to believe it will involve the one or some of the following;

Resident Evil
Monster Hunter

SheenuTheLegend4294d ago

what about smackdown here comes the pain again
lol will be a killer app

THESONYPS34294d ago

Close, But you forgot a few ;) But you'll find out soon enough!

Razongunz4294d ago

Call of duty vita
Final fantasy vita (not counting remasters like FFX)
Jak & daxter/jak/daxter vita
Ratchet & clank/ratchet/clank vita
god of war vita
Naruto vita
Bleach vita
Dragon ball Z vita

if they just announce one of these i'll be a happy camper :)

i would also like another Turok game, but that series probbably ended with the ps3 turok game way back in 2007/2008

4294d ago
vegetassj514294d ago

What about a new IP, i want to see more games like Gravity Daze/Rush on the PS Vita

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-Mika-4295d ago

Persona 5. I been dying for it to be announced. Hopefully they bring back the whole gun to the head thing. That was cool.

tiffac0084295d ago

I'm still hoping for Valkyria Chronicles III to be localized for the PSV. ^^

Yangus4295d ago


Monster Hunter,RE,CoD...and jrpg.

zielocz3k4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

please no shooters

i want to see more action-adventure, horror games and platformers, rpgs

resident evil vita
god of war vita
harvest moon vita
munster hunter vita
loco roco vita

coryok4294d ago

i doubt we will see games like call of duty or god of war here, those are western type games, we're going to see japanese type games at this event. it is a japenese event after all

Studio-YaMi4294d ago

omg what I would do to get a new Harvest moon on the vita..........!!!

Please please pretty please DO IT SONY !!!!

CaptainPunch4294d ago

Same here, it would be so perfect on the vita.

4293d ago