Retrogaming: Resident Evil - Playstation vs Saturn

Let me begin by saying that my introduction to the Resident Evil series began with the Sega Saturn port of RE1. It really changed the way I looked at games at the time. Recently I've been getting back into the series, reading into it, trying to grasp the storyline, become familiar with all the weapons and enemies, etc. Something I've noticed during a lot of my online studying of the games, is that the Saturn RE1 takes a lot of unjust trash talk. Everywhere I looked I saw phrases like "It looks nasty", "It's slow", and my personal favorite "OMGROFL SATURN GOT PWNED SONY4LIFE!". My main complaint about this is they never explain why they say that. No details. Nothing. Maybe they are correct. We're here to find out.

This leads me to believe that none of these people even played the Saturn version, or that the initial shine of the game in their minds had already worn dull, so they were just disappointed that it turned out to be...just the same game. I mean they DID play through the game on Playstation about a year before it hit the Saturn. So I'm here to place both versions in a head to head match up. I'll try to cover all aspects of the game and give an unbiased conclusion, with visual representation of course.

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Zhuk4581d ago

A very interesting article. While the Playstation had overall the superior port, there were many things which the Saturn port simply excelled at over the PlayStation version and with the addition of new features it certainly was a decent port for the Saturn.

The Saturn is well known for its lacklustre 3d performance, yet like all things that are fought on the internet I believe that the differences between PlayStation and Saturn ports were greatly exaggerated.

The PlayStation was just a far simpler console and it was a lot easier to get it to perform, unlike the Saturn which was unnecessarily complex and 3d games suffered because of this. However when done right the Saturn could give the best looking PS1 3d games a run for their money with all the graphical wizardry such as light sourcing and transparencies. One only has to look at Burning Rangers to see the potential that the Saturn could have had if its lifespan was longer

2Negativecool4581d ago

Apparently, you must be too young to remember both versions. This is made obvious by all of your meticulous "researching" of the history of RE1.

Take it from somebody who remembers that period's games well. The Saturn version was always regarded as the superior version. The Saturn had a few games that were considered, at least in part, graphically superior. So I'm not sure who these people are that are saying that the Saturn version looked like ass, but they aren't gamers.

Which leads me to loosely agree with chrno6's statement. This appears to me to be a lame attempt to bash something, anything, Sony related.

felman874581d ago

could you not also say the same about the PS3?

Fanboy Slaughter4581d ago

Well, Zhuk, I gotta say that I agree with you about the Saturn truly being the superior console hardware-wise (yes, the saturn WAS truly more powerful...first to use dual processors, if you don't believe me, look up the Saturn build of Shenmue and I DARE you to tell me that the PS1 could pull that off.), but because of this it was also unnecessarily complicated, resulting in extremely inferior ports.

As much as I could compare this to the PS3 vs 360 ordeal, I'll leave it at the subject at hand, Resident Evil. Let me start by saying I STILL have my saturn copy of resident Evil, in original big plastic case and all, and I have played it through. But unlike the above mentioned fanboy war, where differences, for the most part, are relatively insignificant and therefore stupid to argue over, the differences between the PS1 and Saturn versions of RE1 are quite vast. Granted Saturn version had an exclusive monster and other neat extras, the pros end there. Having extensively played both, I'd play the PS1 version before the Saturn version for the fact that the graphics on Saturn weren't just bad, they were god-awful.

And by no means was it Sega's fault for that, the hardware was WAY ahead of it's time, and most devs didn't have the cash to toss around to train programmers on multi-processor programming, which was in it's infancy at the time anyway. When Shenmue was originally developed for Saturn, it looked beautiful, but Sega lost their ass and their wallet on developing for both processors to work simultaneously, and then lost more when it was scrapped in favor of the Dreamcast.

In any event, the main reason the Saturn games looked terrible was because EVERY game made for it was only using a fraction of it's potential, and making it too advanced was it's downfall from the beginning. I personally loved mine, but I also knew when to throw in the towel and admit that it was too good for it's own good.

Zhuk4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

The Saturn's primary strength over the PS1 version was basically the addition of battle mode.

As someone who has played both ports of the games over the years (I had the Saturn version at the time), the Saturn version did get a lot of flak for its lack of true transparancies and for the 3d models of the characters, especially from those in the Sony camp. The complexities of Saturn's hardware really show when playing through it compared to the PS1 port, especially where 3d graphical techniques are utilized

I found this article interesting because I thought it cleared up common misconceptions. If you read the article you would see that the PlayStation version is considered the superior port.

Fanboy Slaughter4581d ago

Pretty much whichever one is considered superior is a matter of opinion and nothing more. For the most part I liked both, they both controlled well, and the graphics didn't completely hinder the game or anything, it was still enjoyable and very playable.

And yes, the Saturn caught an unnecessary amount of flak for being the "inferior" system, as did the saturn versions of games, but I'm trying to be as objective as possible and while by general standards the PS version was considered superior, there were things in the saturn version that just simply weren't done on the PS version, and it their loss. I wouldn't really say one's better over the other completely, they both held their own. Anything else really is just opinion.

Zhuk4581d ago

thank you for your worthy comments, I agree that the Saturn's hardware was ahead of its time, especially considering its heavy reliance on multiple processors it is only in the past few years that we have seen PC's and consoles try a similar path again.

Also what must be considered is that developers have it far easier today with significant support from the hardware manufactures providing development kits and software libraries to help getting the power out of the machine much more easier for multiple processors.

The dev teams that could make the Saturn shine (AM2 and Sonic Team for instance) were true masters of their field

Power of Blu4581d ago

Biohazard (resident evil) was a port on the PS1???

Please pray tell what console the game originated on. Damn you really did your research on this one. OR did you just make stuff up?! *GASP* lol

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chrno64581d ago

Another attempted to bash anything playstation related. Seriously, who cares about ps1 anymore when we have ps3 right here?? Damn may be we should find old articles about how the original xbox is trounced by the ps2.

JCDenton4581d ago

Because good games never get old. It's not just the graphics that matters, son...

JCDenton4581d ago

And why did you brought up "XBOTS" thing when this article had nothing to do with 360 vs PS3???

Power of Blu4581d ago

Because the contributer is Zhuk and that the game is so old now this is not NEWS, just another feeble attempt by the sad little troll to put the Playstation brand down.

Zhuk4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )


Fanboy Slaughter4581d ago

I agree completely. But, that ship has long sailed.

DarkSniper4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Dark Sniper believes that the Playstation version of Resident evil is slightly superior than the Saturn version graphically. Although both games can be enjoyed and played without any major and obvious hitches. Dark Sniper imagines if the internet was prevalent then as it is now, fanboys from both sides would viciously be attacking the other console's port.

The Sega Saturn's issue was being able to generate decent 3D graphics at a solid frame rate. The Shenmue beta is a prime example of what the Saturn is truly capable of. However, Sega Saturn dominates the Playstation when it came to producing great 2D games such as Marvel vs Street Fighter etc.

The next topic in regards to Resident Evil that Dark Sniper has a deep passion and wants to discuss is Resident Evil 1.5. If you dont know what that is, you will soon be educated.

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