Red Steel 2 Officially Announced in Official Nintendo Magazine

21 Dec 2007 - Official Nintendo Magazine has finally announced in their latest issue, that Red Steel has officially got a sequel. Called "Ubisoft's worst kept secret," they could finally tell readers that the game had been in development for almost a year.

The magazine has confirmed that it will include better controls, better AI, better graphics and the feature everyone wanted in the first game: Online!

Title and image: Advanced Media Network

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WilliamRLBaker4041d ago

Yeah it is the trophy Ho'of myspace and the net.

PS360WII4041d ago

Very nice indeed. It was one of the good launch titles. Was rather rough around the edges but now that no real need to push the title out quickly will make Red Steel what it should of been in the first place ^^

Dpa4041d ago

Meh, it was nothing special. Minus the wiimote it was a 6.5/10 shooter with some bits that stood out.

PS360WII4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Hey you said it best. The reason some same old game is better on the Wii is because of it's new controller. Amazing isn't it how new tech can bring in the next generation of gameplay.

Did I spread it on thick enough for you?

ChickeyCantor4041d ago

Redsteels gun fight were fun for a rush job IMO, but the story/voice acting/ sword battles were horrible XD
still had some fun with it though.
Redsteel 2 is going to be what redsteel one was suppose to be so i hope it will get better reviews!

wiizy4041d ago

i think ubisoft will get it right this time... but forget the game just give me that girl on the cover

KidMakeshift4041d ago

Maybe she'll come as a new Wii peripheral to distract you from how awful Red Steel is

superman4041d ago

I would so hit that girl.

YoungKingDoran4041d ago

with a sword!? ur evil...
(yeah people, believe it or not, im JOKING)

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The story is too old to be commented.