2 months of xbox gold membership free

Everyone likes free stuff.

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the worst4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

just 2 months
what a joke

neeharb4046d ago

My friend and i have been playing over live and he didn't have an account so we made one ...and got one months subscription free... after a month it happened again and again... it works all the time...
i have like six gamer profiles one is mine ...and the other five are my friends.. every time someone comes over to play on live they make there own account and we play..

THC CELL4046d ago

u my friend are M$ big hype

Microsoft say they have 11 million live players

Point u are like 75% of x box live with 3+ accounts

neeharb4046d ago

I have done this a lot of times ...i don't know if it works outside of India but it does work disagree all you want but i am not lying...
and yes i would love it if the xbl goes free... as many people have said that Microsoft can get all the money it wants from sponsors or what ever means they find ... i know 40$ a year isn't that big an amount but wouldn't u like something if its free...
I am a big XBOX360 fan and wanna have a PS3 too i don't give a damn about what other people say i am a gamer ...although i cant play much but i wanna play all good games

TheMART4046d ago

What I know is that it works three times in total. And hey, don't you want to keep your friendlist attached to one account?

ReBurn4046d ago

You can't do this as many times as you want to. There is a limit per console.

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THC CELL4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )


Shame PS3 Or as i can say PSN gives u a lifetime free membership

Oh joy
Marry Christmas all and welcome everyone who got a ps3 for x mas

Who ever dissed me i bet you got a x box
by the way its 2 month free then £50 a year
and u do get laggy peer to peer games

unlike ps3 games u get dedicated servers and even in the peer to peer games there is hardly any lag at all

yet a better service have u seen home yet ?
Still to come

Again welcome to PSN a Free better service

TheMART4046d ago

Shame most PS3 games have broken online features or none at all.

Remember Virtua Fighter 5?
Nice. A free network with no ingame XMB and no real community feeling!
Sony is promissing online gaming in the GT series since part 3. You may hope they have integrated it with GT5, or you have to wait to GT6 releasing in 2010

InMyOpinion4046d ago

PSN does'nt have the scope and functionality of Xbox Live, though. Not as many arcade games, demos and dlc. Not as many options etc. There are much more games on the 360 that support online as well.

I'm counting on 20 disagrees on this comment even though it's all facts.

Goldensun3214046d ago

What a retard...Teh
It's Merry Christmas, not Marry Christmas Dumbass!

AAACE54046d ago

The Ps3 doesn't have lag issues cause no one's using it!

And if anyone on this site got a ps3 for x-mas, they probably won't want to play with any of the fanboys on here anyway!

Ps3 fanboys like to say the phrase, "Just wait!", O.k. I got one for you... "Just wait until there are enough people playing online, and watch the lag issues pile up.

I don't understand how you can love a piece of machinery so much. I like all 3 consoles for different reasons! I like the features of the 360, selection of games, and the controller mainly! I like the Wii cause of the familiar games like Zelda! I don't have a ps3 yet, but I like a couple games on there as well! They still need a few more games "I" want to play on ps3 but otherwise the system is cool. I still hate the ps3 controller, but I guess I just gotta get used to it again!

There's no reason to hate on one console over the other. They both have positives and negatives. I have always liked having all 3 systems, cause they all offer something different... Maybe you should try it as well, and let go some of that hate!

^"I"^ I put the focus on games that I am interested in, and not the games that fanboys are going nuts over.

THC CELL4046d ago

ha ha ha i take u don't play war hawk or fall of man

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