Lost Odyssey Preview

From the first moment of the demo at Microsoft's pre-TGS press conference (presided over by former Final Fantasy leader Hironobu Sakaguchi personally) Lost Odyssey left no doubt of its intentions. A tremendous battle rages across a broad plain in eye-poppingly beautiful CG. Armored men clash with towering possibly inhuman knights as huge battle machines lumber towards the front clearing a path with a sweeping arc of enormous blades. Clearly, the developers plan an epic role-playing game of Final Fantasy proportions.

Honestly, except for some anxiety doubts, that really doesn't come as a surprise. But seeing the battle system in action cements it. Its debut comes right in the midst of the CG battle. With very little loss of visual quality, the hero of the game, Kaim, becomes playable and you take over the action. The most pronounced indication that you aren't watching CG anymore is the change in camera angle.

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General5848d ago

Woah That looks sweet.

MoonDust5848d ago

Not into RPGs but this look good.