COD4 Online Tips

Some great COD4 tips to improve your performance on Call of Duty 4 Online.

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Rice4044d ago

Prreety useful, im just gonna stick to my olds ways, who ever i see shoot. kinda..........

aba4044d ago

Nothing on that list everyone doesn't already know. FYI, martyrdom is for b*tches. I have no respect for noobs who use that.

BLUR1114044d ago

cool name... dark throne right

Genuine4043d ago

I quit using Martyrdom when I noticed that even when a buddy dies,a grenade icon would show up as a threat even for teammates. This can effect your whole team. That's why I quit using Martyrdom and went to Last Stand.

Ureval4043d ago

Gasp! You wont respect me if I use martyrdom? Oh dear whatever shall I do?!

jinn4044d ago

thank god i got rid of my copy for a gamecube, the stress is gone

SKUD4044d ago

Slight of hand perk works very well if your using the heavy guns. The saddest part about playing the game online is that some players will actually justify bunny hopping. THAT SH1T IS FOR FUK1NG NOOBS!.

Genuine4043d ago

Lol, it's easy to spot Halo players when you see someone "bunny hopping". If these people only knew how silly they look and how inaffective it is start jumpig around like a terrified bunny rabbit. When someone starts shooting at you it's much more effective to quickly go prone instead of jumping.

waldopepper4043d ago

I usually make fun of bunny hoppers in online games in general but in COD4 there's a challenge for shooting enemies whilst in the air so I assume that they're trying to get that.

Is this what players are doing? Or does bunny-hopping actually decrease the chances of getting hit in COD4?

Genuine4043d ago

No it's doesn't help in any technical way to jump. Bullets hit people just as easy while they are in the air as they do while on the ground.

jinn4044d ago

COD5 and COD6 are already confirmed, so what is the point of even getting COD4. COD4 offers a campaign filled with non-stop action in every level. the setting was chosen very well and the story was well written. the visuals for this game in campaign seemed to have been much better than the visuals in multiplayer modes. the AI in the game on your side can sometimes be useless when you really need them. the main characters no dialouge in the game which left it confusing to figure out who you were playing as. the game is best online, but unfortunately the splitscreen is wacky. i was really upset when i heard that there would be no vehicles in the game unlike many other war games. it would be best to pass on this game and stick to games like halo3. it wouldn't hurt to wait for army of two, gta4, battlefield bc. there are many other shooters to fulfill your satisfaction.

poeo4044d ago

...what the hell? seriously.. dude.

NanoGeekTech4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

COD4 is as much being with two girls at the same time...If you like games and love to play online...COD4 has some of the greatest video game moments sincs Uncharted.......

[email protected] Jinn: You are entitle to your opinion but if you played it and give it a chance I personally believe you will appericate..COD4

--One of the best produced games out there next to: Uncharted, Folklore, and Bioshock....

--great tips.....I need to get XP S#it up....I just got the game for PS3 yesterday....can't wait to get off work to play...

PS3 ID: proPaPerpusher
360 ID: kmjfniguy

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