Top 10 Best Water In Game

Top 10 games, which had the best looking and realistic water.

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CAPS LOCK4048d ago

I did not realize that uncharted had that good graphics. I am just amazed but I was expecting Lair to be on that list maybe in 5th or 4th place...oh and final fantasy X as well...

alfredoggy4048d ago

Best shoes in game? C'mon! I have Uncharted and I do appreciate the nice looking water effects but I do not think its anything worth making a top-ten list for. Merry Christman!! (or whaterver anyone may celebrate)

cartman3134048d ago

Uh huh...Name a game that has better.

4048d ago
fermcr4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I have played UNCHARTED, CRYSIS and BIOSHOCK. CRYSIS and BIOSHOCK have way better water effects then UNCHARTED. Another fanboy created video, what did you expect.

@ TANOD ... "even Bioshock looks like a wii game vs UNCHARTED" ... are you kidding me. You sir, need to evolve. Until then, IGNORE list.

Laexerias4047d ago

Bioshock does have hyper graphics, but not the same as Uncharted, Bioshock is a great game in many ways, but u cant tell that the water is realistic when u are in a ego perspective and cant even see your body.
It should have been water effects on the weapons and on the arm or the plasmids but there were no effect. B(

WilliamRLBaker4047d ago

uncharted had crap looking water, and Graphics and AI? when all you look like graphically is a copy of Tomb radier legend, and AI? lol its awesome when enemies jump out infront of you with a shotgun type weapon and you have a lil pistol and you....WIN.

godofthunder104047d ago

you must be the one that's retarted,hell uncharted has good graphics but bishoch is a lot are just a sony ps3 fan boy who will never admit something is good unless it's on the ps3 and it's just childish.
i hate sony and i'm not planing on buying a ps3 but unlike you i'll admit that the ps3 is a good system with good games but unchated water graphics isn't better then bioshock.i have a friend with a ps3 and he is the only person i know that has one and i played uncharted on it and unlike you he's not bias,he admit when something is better even if it's on the 360.
i know that the ps3 have games that their graphics are better then the 360 but uncharted isn't one of them.i bet that you are a type of person that thinks evey game on the ps3 is better then all the 360 games ,hell i know that you think that halo sux and have bad graphics and that's just your opinion,the facts say that halo is one of the greatest game that was evey made and it not only broke sale records for games but for the whole intertainment industries and that's something that sony never are just jealous that halo isn't on the ps3 and if it was you would be saying that it's one of the greatest game that was ever made.
all of the 360 fans wish that some exclusive games on the ps3 was on the 360 but want admit it because they are bias and childish just like you but i'll admit that the ps3 have some exclusive games that i wish was on the 360 and if they was i would be the first one to buy them like killlzone 2 and some others but i don't like mgs because i played them before and i don't like it and i don't like r&c because it's just a childish game,it's something that should be on the wii.
all the ps3 fans wish that the ps3 had some games that's exclusive to the 360 but they want admit it because they are bias and childish like you,they want admit that the 360 have any good games and have good exclusive that they like to have.i know that they wish that games like Ninja Gaiden 2 and Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom and some others was on the ps3 and i know that they have some that you don't like to.
i bet you that you are one of the ps3 fans that say that the 360 doesn't have any good exclusives coming out next year,well i like to know where you been at because the 360 have just as many good exclusives coming out as the ps3 and here is just a few of them and not one of them is a xbox live game because i see a lot of people that's listing the psn they are.

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
10-house of dead
12-Infinite Undiscovery
13-All Points Bulletin
15-Project Offset
16-banjo kazooie
17-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
18-Beautiful Katamari
19-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
21-Ancient World Online
22-Dead Island

and they have some others to.

what i'm trying to say is that all the 360 fans and ps3 fans like you that think that the system they have is better then the other system and the other system doesn't have any good games are just bias and childish because all of them wish and want some games that on the other system and they want admit that each system is better at certain things then the other system but they want admit it and it's just childish,it reminds me of one time i went to pick up my son from 4th grade and i heard one boy saying my daddy is better then yours and this is the same damn thing and i think that it's stupid for people to fight over a game system.
the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then then the 360,like it or not it's just the fact.the 360 and ps3 or both good system with good games and they will both be around for a long long time,as long as people want to play video games that's just fact.all of the ps3 and 360 fans wish that they had some exclusive that the other system has and they know that each system does something a little better then the other. and it's time they stop acting like kids and admit it.

Bubble Buddy4047d ago

can't read yours GodofThunder sorry, you have one bubble. Probably some ridiculous comment listing some 360 games... am i correct?

The Dude4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

TANOD head is so far up sony @ss he is the wiki definition of a fanboy. Blindly talking sh1t about games hes never played. Saying Bioshock looks like a Wii game is like saying Uncharted looks like a Wii game. Grow up TANOD most of us are getting sick of you posts they are so the F out there you have lost all credibility.

The Killer4047d ago

ps3 40GB > 360 premium

back to topic

i played bioshock in high end pc and i finished it, i have to say it has amazing graphics and also effects but the water on uncharted is also superb! i didnt play uncharted but from the videos it looks very good!
but its not true to say uncharted makes bioshock looks like a wii game! u can judge that only if u play it on high end pc and uncharted! dont know about the 360 version but i think its inferior to the pc version!

Blabbermouth4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

If any of yous owned Uncharted or even cared to notice(yes its very hard to see in the videos), Uncharteds water affects arn't just a flat plain with a water texture stuck on top like every other game out there, a lot of the river affects in Uncharted actually simulate water. It moves the right direction and bobs up and down when something heavy moves through the water(seas arn't affected by heavy objects), it changes direction correctly when it hits rocks in rapids, it affects your gameplay when you try to steer a jet ski through the rapids. And drying clothes is pretty cool in that game too(best i've seen).

ps3playbeyon4047d ago

Hey Just Got Uncharted Yesterday And I have To Say Its The Best Looking Game Ive Seen To Date...and no i havent played crysis nor do i wanr to..all im sayin is i agree That Uncharted Should Be Numero Uno...

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resistance1004048d ago

I think the rain in F1:CE deserves a mention, the rain boucing agaisnt the screen on that game is unreal.

gta_cb4048d ago

i really want to play that game :)

Kaneda4047d ago

Far Cry got good water effect too...

Greek994047d ago


Kleptic4047d ago

1998's Forsaken still has the coolest water effects I have ever seen...although it was barely used in the game, it looked awesome...not sure if any of you played that game or not, it was a hover bike game sort of like descent...pretty good at the time...

overall though there is no denying uncharted's "wetness"...the water is near perfect...and the way characters get accurately soaked (whether wading around, swimming, or in the rain) is unmatched...

I pretty much agree with that list for the most part...except older games like Saints Row and Mario Sunshine...if they were only comparing it to that time period, I guess they were good...But Saints Row?

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GlossGreen4048d ago

they got to Super Mario Sunshine and Saints Row. At least I agree with number 1. I only have an SD tv and it still looks good on that.

TANOD4048d ago

UNCHARTED is the best looking game ever created on CONSOLES/EVEN PC.

Crysis has a great foliage. Uncharted has great floiage and Amazing Buildings and forts

Uncharted has next gen lighting which is not present in Crysis

Waffle-boy4048d ago

This is not news. This is a user-made video! This is not interesting. This is made by Joe down the road. Little Bob with his Windows Movie Maker.

For pete's sake. Is there any way of filtering out the crap from this site?

Snoozer2824048d ago

Yea I agree, its not even a website feature, which I wouldn't mind. It's just a usermovie off GT...

When stuff like this gets featured on the front page it makes me wonder...

marinelife94047d ago

LOL I agree. Wave race 64 has better water effects than Mario. I should make up my own movie for water effects.

ShadoWulf4047d ago

Yeah, what a waste of time. They didn't even show video from Metroid Prime... they could've shown the rain running down the visor at least! And most of the water effects in the videos were flat and uninteresting. The only ones that caught my eye were the part in Bioshock with the explosion, and the fistfight in Drake's. Other than that, rather dull and horribly edited.

boodybandit4047d ago

bubble up 4 u.
I can't believe crap like this gets approved and people are actually arguing over it. Best water graphics? It appears that anyone with a blog and an opinion can make it on N4G as news.

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KineticX4048d ago

Most useless lists made about games....this one takes it for sure.

TANOD4048d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

whoever makes the list ---it doesnt matter

UNCHARTED will top all list focusing on Graphics


we all know GT comparisons, GS reviews and 1up reviews

Too bad UNCHARTED has beaten COD 4 to become IGN's best PS3 game

COD 4 on PS3 scored 9.6 at GAMEZONE and 9.5 on X360

The PS3 version is better

InMyOpinion4048d ago

Too bad Uncharted doesn't make it to any GOTY lists.

Here's water for you, I guess the guy that made the video forgot about this footage.

radical_pi4047d ago


nobody cares what you think. stop quoting IGN and make your own mind up. idiot.