Games Radar: The Top 7... Christmas moments

From heartwarming to horrific, Games Radar counts down gaming's most memorable holiday scenes:

"Christmas is tomorrow, and that means those of you who celebrate the holiday are just hours away from opening the free stuff you've been looking forward to all year. In the spirit of the season, we extend our warmest wishes that you find at least one of the games we've recommended under the tree, and that you don't get stuck with any well-intentioned but misguided crap. And to keep you occupied for a few minutes while you wait for the hours to tick away, we've gone through years of yuletide memories to pick out the seven in-game moments that scream 'Christmas!' the loudest. Some are time-locked bonuses, others are appearances by Santa Claus himself, but all of them have warmed our hearts or scarred our minds in their own special way."

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antoinetm5520d ago

merry Xmas to all the bitter fanboys out there =)