VGchartz: European / Other Charts For Week Ending 22nd December 2007

DS: 821,575
Wii: 448,127
PS3: 338,006
PSP: 271,056
Xbox 360: 218,636

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MrWonderful4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

please post this crap when its a good read and not something i already know. we all know the ps3 slaps the 360 in the face in all places except NA, but its coming soon

edit: @ videogames4life. i dont know what country you are from but it must be located in redmond behind bills house, but we ps3 owners havent even got our hands on the big guns. so go back to blowin gates balls. oh and dont post too much with ur 2 bubbles and all. save one for another time or place

Mr VideoGames4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

PS3 will never be popular in North America ever and PS3 is still Millions behind the 360 and now it still outsold the PS3 by 2 Million Units and how do you expect the PS3 to catch up...EVER?

PS3 is Selling like Crap in Austrailia and the UK not just NA, but that doesn't really mean anything to SONY FanBoy idiots cause they don't think, they just make up Sh*t and hope that SONY Wins which will never hapen again.

unlimited4045d ago

The PS3 is doing great in other parts of the globe. In NA they doing decently good ..If they start selling like the 360 in japan then thats when you need to start worrying..PS3 is not gonin anywhere..Sony need to bring out more games next year, and keep its release date, and they will rule 2008.

TheXgamerLive4045d ago

You say the PS3 slaps the Xbox 360, wow your a major tool aren't you?

It's only been due to a ps3 price cut the last few weeks that ps3 has sold most anything at all, Xbox 360 is still winning and as soon as there price cut the Xbox 360 numbers will again climb highest amongst consoles.

MrWonderful4045d ago

reply to XGamer

Your name says it all end of conversation

Devr4045d ago

"It's only been due to a ps3 price cut the last few weeks that ps3 has sold most anything at all"

Dug your own grave there. The Ps3 price-cut has been in effect for TWO AND A HALF MONTHS now. It started October 10th, I believe.

gaffyh4045d ago

@videogames4life - you don't know what's going to happen in the future, the PS2 is still a very popular system in NA so why couldn't the PS3 be?

I expect the 360 to be selling more in NA this week and PS3 to be selling more in Japan as usual.

The Killer4045d ago

ps3 is taking over europe and japan!
NA is left to take next year!

whoelse4044d ago

The 360 has been out for twice as long as the PS3. Also the 360 has had more time to bring out good games while the PS3 is just starting to so when more of the top games like MGS4, KillZone 2, Haze come out, then the PS3 will really start taking over NA, at leats better than it is ATM.

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Real gamer 4 life4045d ago

did the ps3 out sold the 360?

the worst4045d ago

again and again and again and again

FPS nut4045d ago

but they make up only about 30% (give or take) of the gaming market, the rest pretty much goes to NA where the Wii and the 360 dominate. Without the US the 360 would have tanked last year but with the US it has a strong 2nd (again)

TANOD4045d ago

are u abnormal or something

EU and JAPAN make up 65--70% of gaming market

EU is the biggest market at the moment since the Indians and the Chinese have high purchasing power too and most of them play games as well

NA is the second biggest market. The first being EU and the last being JAPAN

However do note that PS3 is doing a great job in NA as well.It will surpass the x360 in 08

FPS nut4045d ago

In your case it proves that point. Everyone in the world (even PS3 owners like me) know that the US is the largest gaming market but you. Everyone but you, your all alone on that one bro but then again your all alone on alot of the "so called stats" you use (you are infamous for false numbers and data)

HarryEtTubMan4045d ago

^^^^You really are a nut.hhmmmmmmmmm YES the US is the biggest market but when u compare how the PS3 is winning Europe Japan, New Zealand, Austrailia... it doesnt matter... and believe what u want but the PS3 at a 399 to 499$ price...shouldn't be winning ANYWHERE. Wait.... it already is though! Almost EVERYWHERE except the US and its still selling pretty good there. Defiantely not BOMBING like the 360 is in Japan. haha. And if u think the 360 is going to continue to win in 2008 and especially even beyond that. You are on crack. The PPS3's games are coming. The price is still gonna drop. Realize it IS still 150$ cheaper.... but just for the sake of your Ego and beloved little RRODbox, we will pretend all the PS3's biggest games have been released...everything is fair... the 360 really didn't get a year head start on the PS3... and the PS3 isn't really selling identical, Worldwide, to a 150$ cheaper machine with its biggest best Exclusives year it will ever have. haha. You industry noobs are in for a treat. The 360 is never gonna beat the PS3 in the end. PSN is also getting EVERYTHING next year(Sony said a week ago) and also Playstation Home. Anyways... back to UT3

TANOD4045d ago

what garbage box 360 fanboys????

PS2 sold over 50 million consoles in EU vs 40+ for NA and the rest for JAPAN

NA was the biggest gaming market. Now EU/PAL (which includes rest of Asia too) is the biggest gaming market.

in 5 years time CHina and India would have a gaming commmunity bigger than NA's

InMyOpinion4045d ago

"EU is the biggest market at the moment since the Indians and the Chinese have high purchasing power too and most of them play games as well"

India and China are not part of the European Union, they are'nt even part of Europe. Ever heard of Asia?

Sez 4045d ago

i thought china hated japan. so in that sence. why would they buy a ps3.

FPS nut4044d ago

I love how they add Asia and Australia as part of their Europe numbers. Good god you guys are some freaking idiots. What next you going to add Canada and Alaska ore even Africa as part of the EU numbers? LOL Morons

brianpk804044d ago

From VGcharts (estimate)

There are approx:

20.25 million next gen consoles sold in North America.
6.25 million next gen consoles sold in Japan.
14.25 million next gen consoles sold in Europe/"Others"

This includes Wii's.

Note that this doesn't include the week of 12/23 for North America, which should beef up its tally significantly.

North America is the largest world market by far, moving more than three times as many units than Japan.

As for Sony catching up to Microsoft in 2008, not likely at all. They have a huge install base defecit and haven't even begun to bridge the gap. By contrast, the gap just gets larger every month. This may have a cascading effect, like an avalanche, making it less and less likely each month as developers are swayed by M$'s huge install base and attach rates, making PS3 an even less likely purchase.

I don't think any system is going to "die" this generation and hopefully, they'll all be profitable for their makers.

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Meus Renaissance4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I'm not surprised the PlayStation 3 has increased the gap between itself and the 360; it was really popular last week in retail stores. Technically the 360 is the logical console of choice for gamers, as it has a better software library, but for Sony to be strong in Europe - because of its brand name - shows incredible confidence from their fanbase and these figures will only grow when the big franchise titles are eventually released, where it could reinstate itself fully. This mentality by European consumers, where they remain to Sony, is suggestive enough to me personally that the console wars are far from over.

MaximusPrime4045d ago

thanks for providing the link. ;)

yea im not surprised too by the result. Next week result going to be interesting too.

resistance1004045d ago

Ds nearly selling 1million in a week. :O

Ps3's gaining momentum in the EU now and the 360/Ps3 gap is dividing.

it also explains why uncharted only dropped one place in sales this week.

Still whatever happened to the 360 outselling the ps3 big time this xmas was wrong if anything i can see ps3 outselling 360 worldwide, and thats without any killer app's. What a turnaround from this summer

Meus Renaissance4045d ago

When people talk about 2008 and the fanboys from the PlayStation side rave about it, I think this year itself was very interesting and promising alone. Despite all the negativity surrounding the platform from the media, and regardless of the high price of the console, it still sold pretty decent when you look at the bigger picture. When people claim the 360 will win the console war and you remind them the PS3 is selling at a faster rate, in its first year (facing those problems and also probably better alternatives in the Wii and Xbox 360), than Microsoft's console did even though it was almost twice the price, then you have a slice of bragging rights.

It SEEMS that Sony are heading to match total sales worldwide this holiday season with Microsoft's Xbox 360, and that's a positive. Although I'm sure if we said that two years ago, Sony themselves would be outraged at the thought of being the dominating leader one generation, to now sharing market ratio with the Xbox. But it's a step in the right direction.

Obviously Microsoft have not managed to attract ENOUGH potential customers away from the PlayStation 3, despites the slightly cheaper price and software library, so I don't buy the notion that an even cheaper 360 would cause a significant mass exodus towards the Green ship. I still think people are waiting for the Metal Gear's of this world and a cheaper price point before they purchase a PS3, and looking at it from a individual platform's point of view, they can only sell more with a cheaper price point and better games. The fact that Microsoft will always have the cheaper console, I don't think, will win the console wars for them alone.

TwissT4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Wow the ps3 is fighting back in this console war thats great news. But this is Vgchartz they make educated guesstimates. Lets just hope that the NPD numbers are close to this.