New Tales Game Announced

December 22, 2007 - Bandai Namco had a busy booth at this year's Jump Festa event over in Japan. Attendees of the annual comic/videogame show were able to get first hands-on time with Tales of Symphonia: Ratatoskr no Kishi (Wii) and Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit (PS3, Xbox 360), causing some major waits, but there were no lines for the big news story to come from the booth: a new Tales game!

Announced at the end of a Tales of Innocence stage event, the new game is titled Tales of Vesperia. The game appears to use cell shaded visuals and will feature character designs from Kousuke Fujishima and animation from Production I.G.

A platform for the game was not announced, but with a release set for 2008, we don't imagine having to wait too long for details.

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Sarick4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I've always enjoyed these, I can't wait to see more about this in the future. I really hope this game comes to consoles to not everyone can bare a handheld ^.~

More multi-platform JRPGS please.

Darkiewonder4042d ago

I know what platform it's for. ;3

But you'll be surprised when you hear it for yourself!

[email protected]4041d ago

PS3? I don't think about the Wii on this one 4 obvious reason Tales of Symphonia 2' it coming to Wii so this tittle most gead it for the PS3 I'm sure of it.

AAACE54041d ago

I predict it will hit the Ps3, Wii, and Xbox 360!

It only makes sense! Every region has a market. So it would sell the most in Japan on the Wii, the most in European areas on Ps3, and the most in America on 360. That way it leaves the door open for anyone who wants the game, to be able to play it without buying a new console!

I haven't played any of the other tales games, and probably won't play this one either, but with so many people liking this game... it seems like the right thing to do. Plus, alot of companies are trying to put their games on all 3 consoles if they can, so it's a win-win for all gamers!

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The story is too old to be commented.