Jump Festa Brawl impressions: ' not.'

Wii Fanboy writes:

Bloggers from the Japanese site attended the Jump Festa anime/game show at Tokyo' Makuhari Messe convention center (also the site of the Tokyo Game Show) and made a beeline for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl demo booth. Nintendo had free play available, and also a tournament-style competition. Players could use the Wiimote or the Classic Controller.

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unsunghero284043d ago

I'm disappointed to read some of that. It's the first press I've read about Brawl that isn't overwhelmingly positive. Overall it seems they were OK with it- maybe this is why Brawl was delayed in the first place.

What surprises me most is that they preferred the awkward sideways Wii remote to the classic controller. I bought 3 classic controllers so I could play w/ my buds SPECIFICALLY for some Wireless Brawl gameplay (I hate having GC wires go across the room). I guess there's a good chance I'll be using either the Wii remote or the GC controller.

Rice4043d ago

Man, brawl is gonna be CRAZY all my friends are like "GOSH I WANT BRAWL SO I CAN BUT R*APE LINK"

ChickeyCantor4043d ago

therefor there are many different controller types, to each his own.

This article isnt that negative at all, they just missed some things.

v1c1ous4043d ago

"..They also were able to face Lucas, and were disappointed again by the apparently non-Japanese voice actor used..."

freaking japanophiles

KeiZka4042d ago

It's creepy how japanocentric they are.. even more so than US are US-centric, or Europeans eurocentric :/

wiizy4042d ago

cant wait for this game..... its going to be a monster game when it finally hits..