Save Ryu from looking generic in Street Fighter 4: A fanboy's top 10 wishes

Destructoid has aggregated a collection of the top 10 most frequent complaints about Street Fighter IV's look and feel -- including various industry people's gripes -- and have created a minor redesign proposal that hopes to rescue this game from falling into the never-ending pit of generic looking fighting games.

Is it possible to make all SF fanboys happy? Not a chance in hell. However, enough specific things were said about Ryu's character model that led Destructoid to believe that their present 2D/3D art direction was salvageable if it was more true to the previous game's actual sprites. Is this really necessary? Depends on who you ask. This article is written for the hardcore SF fanboy who were deeply disappointed in the early preview.

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solar4045d ago

wow, i never noticed that meat piston Ryu is swinging around o.O please use the belt idea.

PimpHandHappy4045d ago

has been generic for the last decade. What should they do give him a MoHawk and a gotee

i do hope this game is good thou because i havent played a Street Fighter in many many years

mariusmal4045d ago

who cares about ryu :P ken was always my favorite :D

Tyrael4045d ago

Ken's a flashy fighter and a big talker. Ryu just kicks people's asses, grabs his bags, and walks off into the sunset.

N4Flamers4045d ago

This has to be the funniest article I've read in a while. It made me laugh out loud. I agree I don't like the look of the new street fighter. Hopefully it improves.

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The story is too old to be commented.