Capcom art director discusses Street Fighter IV's new visual style

If you've heard of Daigo Ikeno, you probably don't need a lot of explanation for what he's done. For those who haven't, he's been one of Capcom's staple artists in recent years (check out his art from previous games scattered throughout the story), and has now turned his attention to Street Fighter IV. As part of 1UP's four weeks of Street Fighter IV coverage, they sent Ikeno a series of questions via email.

1UP: Are there any characters you hate drawing, or have difficulty drawing? As always, if there are any, please tell us why.

Daigo Ikeno: Compared to male characters, I have a really hard time trying to draw women. That's probably because my mind wanders and I'd rather be looking at -- or better yet, touching -- real women rather than drawing them. [Laughs.] Men are easier to draw as the urge to get touchy-feely doesn't really come up...

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Fu19854045d ago

Should've stick with SFIII design,but make it better.

donscrillinger4044d ago

i've seen the game pics in motion and it looks sick as fuc .i like how the graphics look like water color paint .just tight ,ugggggg cant wait .