Rock Band DLC: All-American Rejects, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Sounds

The new Rock Band DLC will come out on Xbox marketplace on Tuesday and on Playstation store next week (along with next week's regularly scheduled DLC) due to Sony's offices being closed this week for the holidays.

Harmonix and MTV Games want you to ring in the holiday cheer with a special Rock Band gift. For a limited time, fans and gamers can purchase tracks from platinum-plus-selling rock act 30 Seconds To Mars, pop-punkers All-American Rejects and Swedish new-wavers The Sounds at a special holiday price of $0.99 per song (80 Microsoft Points per track for Xbox 360).

The songs:
- "Attack" - 30 Seconds To Mars (from 2005's A Beautiful Lie)
- "The Kill" - 30 Seconds To Mars (from 2005's A Beautiful Lie)
- "Dirty Little Secret" - All-American Rejects (from 2005's Move Along)
- "Move Along" - All-American Rejects (from 2005's Move Along)
- "Song With A Mission" - The Sounds (from 2006's Dying To Say This To You)

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Hagaf224042d ago

finally some modern rock...

Darkiewonder4041d ago

for me.

My friend has been looking for some current music. [I prefer the classics]

Gonna have to wait until they release it on the PSN Store next week!

I wonder though. does the .99 deal extend to next week too? ;3

sa_nick4041d ago

Dammit, no free DLC.

For us ppl who imported the game to nations outside the US, we need free DLC or we cant access it at all... unless we have a US credit card and residental address... which we dont

donscrillinger4041d ago

this game is so fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..i love this game .