LocoRoco the first ever commercial PSP game with motion sensing

MAXCONSOLE: Mr305 has released the first ever piece of PSP homebrew that adds motion sensing support for a commercial game. The homebrew utilizes the Neo Motion Kit and it allows you to tilt the PSP either left or right in order to let Loco's do their magic.

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Marceles4575d ago

I doubt anyone will buy the kit...but it would be cool if the guy made it compatible with Lair

akaFullMetal4575d ago

cool, but, what games would use it well???

THX71684575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

An all new way to play a great original game. Well, not quite original considering they kinda stole the idea from the PC game "Gish."

Anyone know where I can get a "Neo Motion Kit" and how much it costs?

EDIT: On second thought, it looks like it might get annoying after a while. I'll just keep playing it the way it is. lol

Darkiewonder4575d ago

Normal way for me. and I'll most likely drop the psp if I started tilting it around.

bigshynepo4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

First of all, kudos to the discoverer of this method. When this game was released everything thought motion control for it would be perfect. Everytime someone mentioned Loco Roco, motion control would inevitably come up.

Perhaps Sony will come out with a first party dongle one day, it can not possibly cost more than the one you must purchase to use this feature ($50!!).

I hope this news spreads to the whole gaming community, I can not wait to hear about further developments!

Note: The motion dongle can be bought here: