If The Vita Were To Be Redesigned, What Would it Need?

Andrew Flores of PlayStation Euphoria writes: "Let's talk serious folks, we've known how in the past Sony has redesigned their systems starting from the very first PlayStation. Seeing slimmer models of each console come out within a certain amount of years later such as the PSone (PlayStation Slim), PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim, PSP Slim and PSP-Go and now, with the launch of the PlayStation Vita some people can argue that it is a pretty great launch for a portable device.

Though it is premature to talk about a redesign of the Vita at this very moment, and this question goes out to customers who finally have their hands on one and those who think the Vita can be improved;

What would you like to see in changed or redesigned in the PlayStation Vita?"

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CaptainPunch3190d ago

Being thinner doesn't hurt, honestly I love the design of the Vita. It fits very nicely in your hands. Something I think Sony did a great job with.

AnotherProGamer3190d ago

I would add R2, L2 triggers and clickable analog sticks. then it would perfect.

ginsunuva3189d ago

They meant as updates (ie psp2000,3000), not redoing the console.

slavish3190d ago

Ad 3D since sony is pushing 3d so much. Also 2GB internal memory

syanara3190d ago

2GB memory would be great to supplement the memory card, but the 3D just doesn't seem like it would be great despite sony's hard stance on pushing 3d products. the market just is not there for it and it's not a deal maker for the 3DS in my opinion.

farhad2k83190d ago

3D is for use 'now and then' in my case, I don't want my portable console, phone etc. to be 3D. That's just too much.

Ace_Pheonix3190d ago

I imagine it already could support it with some bluetooth active shutter glasses...

CaptCalvin3189d ago

i doubt the 5 inch oled touch screen which is already pretty expensive has the framerate for shutter 3d

Kamikaze1353190d ago

Some internal memory and HDMI output would be nice.

PopRocks3593190d ago

I guess at this point, all that's left is glasses free 3D to compete directly with the 3DS.

Personally I think Sony should focus on tackling Apple though.

Knight_Cid3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

and out, tv port, internal memory

better battery and probably some more things

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The story is too old to be commented.