Madden NFL 13 Cover Nominees: NFC West

EA Sports reveals the eight players from the NFC West who will be competing for a spot on the Madden NFL 13 cover.

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NoobJobz4036d ago

Heres how I think it will play out
Cards- Peterson beats Fitz. Fitz is better but hes already been on a cover.
StL- eh...idk. Lloyd may not even be in StL next year so I guess Chris Long.
Sea- Lynch over Thomas. Lynch is a machine.
SF- Great battle here but Ill take Willis over Davis.

Ares904036d ago

Eli Manning or another NY Giants player

NoobJobz4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

That would be NFC East.

That being said, I think it will be between Manning, Cruz, or Pierre Paul for the giants.

NoOoB1014036d ago

Pierre paul i think would be best for giants since it was defense that got them there ;)

dinkeldinkse4036d ago

Fitz, Willis, Skittles, and Long.