WorthPlaying Reviews Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (Wii)

WorthPlaying writes:

"If Electronic Arts would just step back the next time around and retool the basics of their level design, and enemy and allied AI, they may have a real winner on their hands. As is, though, the game is merely another "me, too" WWII shooter."

Score: 6/10

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rwalrond4048d ago

I rented this game along with Assassins Creed for the PS3, After the first night I found myself strangely drawn to this game. I must have played Assassins Creed maybe 1.5 hours for the week I had it and spent all my other time trying to finish this game.
When a developer finally puts some serious effort into a FPS on the Wii it's going to be awesome. IMHO.

skyclaw4047d ago

so basically, the guy who wrote this obviously sucks at video games... one line in particular stands out "5 shotgun blasts from point blank range isn't enough to kill somebody" he's talking about online of course, but i seem to destroy with the shotty. Killing an enemy in 1 shot with the shotty just means shooting him in the face (or 2 shots from behind because of his helmet) then at other parts of the review he says "throwing grenades is great but accuracy is inconsistent... can YOU throw a ball and have it always land where you want it? yeah didn't think so... OH and one of the biggest things that made me laugh...
"you'll initially be wishing for the more familiar pastures of an Xbox 360 or Sony SixAxis controller, you'll soon find that the Wiimote is exponentially more precise than these old standbys"
this just shows that he obviously doesnt play much wii... even on the crappy first few shooters (red steel in particular) its ALWAYS been more accurate than using standard controllers, his aim just seems to suck... closing remarks to the reviewer

get a new job... one that your actually good at... we don't need more people that THINK they know about games just because they've played them all their lives...

eclipsegryph4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

That's pretty harsh to the reviewer, mate. The guy obviously did his homework and wrote up a very concise and through review of the game. Not only was the article well written but it flowed nicely, brought up needed information about the game when there was a need for it, and the reviewer brought in his own personal experiences and observations to juxtapose the static parts of the game.

Your comment about the grenade accuracy is completely pointless. The reviewer was bringing up a mere truth, that grenade accuracy is inconsistent. Your own comment just makes it look like you're trying way too hard to get into some sort of infantile pissing contest with this guy, and you're realizing that you're loosing terribly.

Not to mention that the "biggest thing which made you laugh" you actually agreed with the reviewer about. If you had bothered to read what you were quoting you would have seen this - "you'll soon find that the Wiimote is exponentially more precise than these old standbys". That sentence means that he preferred the more accurate Wii controls over other control schemes, which is the same thing that you had ranted about.

My closing remarks to you - get all of your facts correct before debating them, think about what you are writing before you do so, and ensure that you don't make yourself look like an uneducated fool when you type.

Revlis914047d ago

I played that game at my friends and it has VERY PRECISE controls ,sniping was a piece of cake.This reviewer either couldn't find the options menu where you could calibrate controls or has a terrible aim and is highly retarded...

wiizy4047d ago

that guy is an idiot.. this is one of the best shooters on wii and has a 32 player online mode.

djt234047d ago

that guy is an idiot..
it feel better than any shooting game on xbox 360 and ps3

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