Five new Grand Theft Auto IV screenshots

Rockstar has just sent out five all new Grand Theft Auto IV screenshots, as a special Christmas surprise. While the game is still at least 3 months away, the images are starting to look better and better by the month. No official release date has been confirmed but the game will be in stores before the end of April 2008 on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

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TheExecutive4043d ago

Although this game isnt graphically impressive, it can even be called unimpressive or drab, it seems as though it is adding enough new things in it to make it interesting. The gameplay looks fun as he!! It looks like March, April, and, May will be consumed with playing GTA.

CeruleanSky4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Gimped to run on the 360.

Thanks Microsoft!

This is what happens when you force developers to have 1.5gigs LESS disc space than last gen for their games like Rockstar is facing with the nightmare of supporting the 360.

Last gen the PS2 had 8.5gigs per dual layer DVD.
Last gen the Xbox had 8.5gigs per dual layer DVD.
This gen the 360 has 7gigs per dual layer DVD.
This gen the PS3 has 25gigs single layer or 50 gigs dual layer per BluRay disc.

Just imagine what a real next gen GTA game would look like right now with Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, or Lair scale graphics if the POS 360 didn't exist...

You have to have nothing but pity for the Rockstar engineers who are faced with dealing with the 360 that:

1) Is the first console ever to have LESS disc space than a previous gen

2) No standard harddrive to rely on

3) And is massively weaker than the PS3

It is time Microsoft just put out a new Halo game for Vista every couple of years for all the Xbots to play and leave the console market alone. Gamers are tired of Microsoft gimping next gen games.

Jinxstar4043d ago

While you have a few valid points. If they used all 25-50 gigs imagine how much further off it would be with Delays. Prolly wouldn't even see it til 09... It will be a fun game no matter what dude. No worries.

DevastationEve4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

ps3 does have limits.

if your going to put the blame on anything put it on not having more memory.

InMyOpinion4043d ago

I wish they made it as big as Heavenly Sword. *sigh*

Close_Second4043d ago

Just because the PS3 has vastly more storage space on a single disc does not necessarily mean better graphics. The PS3 still has RAM limitations whhich means only so many polygons and textures can appear in a scene concurrently. Sure, blu-ray provides the ability to stream more textures off the disc without having to change it but how much longer would such a game take to develop???

Every PS3 game I have seen so far features so many repeating textures that it makes you wonder if Blu-ray for gaming is really needed.

Anyway, get off your f**king Sony soapbox and stop looking at it from your point of view all the time. Games take time to develop and developers want to maximise profits. Spending an additional year to further tweak the PS3 version may not equate to twice as many units sold so why bother?

CeruleanSky4043d ago

"The PS3 still has RAM limitations"

Oh god...

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Hydrollex4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Too many jaggies and they look foggy. I'm happy that these screens are on Xbox 360. When you put 20GB in a 9GB that happens

InMyOpinion4043d ago

Yeah, cause we all know what platform that usually gets the worst version of multiplatform games.

vloeistof4043d ago

wow they dont look that hot . wonder why lol

Jinxstar4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

GTA was never about impressive graphics guys... Its about Scale and fun. This game looks to have both.

edit: whoever is disagreeing with me is a moron. Try comparing God of War with GTA. They didn't even have fingers in GTA... Faces were always bland and lifeless. Seriously at least have the balls to rebuttle if your gonna disagree.

fresco4043d ago

stop being so concerned about graphics.. its still a huge leap from the ps2 version.. look you can see his fingernails! lol
i dont think they even had fingers in gta3/vice city

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