In the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war, Blu-ray is having a week of faulty discs

It seems that numerous problems are appearing for Blu-ray disc lovers this week, but never fear, there is help out there.

The biggest issues are happening over at Warner Brothers, and they also seem to be in the form of quality control. The Harry Potter: Years 1 - 5 box set somehow ended up having HD-DVD copies of the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The long awaited Blade Runner 5-disc set has had an issue with disc 5, what is meant to be the "Work Print", being a duplicate of disc 1, "The Final Cut".

With the recent news that both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps are trying to woo Warner Brothers to exclusivity, you almost have to wonder if this is sort of signal on the WBs part as to which way they are leaning.

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PimpHandHappy4780d ago

but i smell bloodmask


why do you mislead?


Hey do you get more points for the news posts that all you guys post if it gets more traffic or is it just a certain amount of points for each story?

i just wonder if this is why we get alot of misleading and flame bait titles

socomnick4780d ago

This is not bluray vs hddvd stop posting and approving all theese next gen formats news its annoying and has no place on this website. I you want to discuss this go to avs forum.

TANOD4780d ago

complain about ROUND PEG to the ADMIN

she needs to be stopped

Diabloz4780d ago

Warner just come to blu and u wont have that problem and ull make more money

Fighter4780d ago

Warner has f**ked up because the demand for Blu-ray movies are too high and they had to rush the orders without checking them for quality.

Terminator 3 is the latest f**k up. The picture quality is 1080i and is supposed to be 1080P. Warner is aware of this and may recall T3.

I guess no one complained about the screw up of HD DVD's Battlestar Galactica set which may be recalled because of a horrible transfer to HD where a lot of customers have been complaining about the picture and sound quality. At least Blu-ray is winning every week since it debut.

Snukadaman4780d ago

dam dude your becoming a nasim...sometimes quality control doesnt work..plain and simple....what..warners rushed out 60K blu rays and screwed up the dumb.

Xbox is the BEST4780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

"At least Blu Ray is winning every week since debut."
You mean in January 2007 after the PS#3 launched in November 2006. HD DVD lauched April 2006 Blu Ray launched 7 weeks later. Please get your facts straight.

Fighter4780d ago

Warner has admitted these mistakes.

Warner's Blu -ray discs are in higher demand than HD DVD and this holiday season is pretty big for studios because they earn a lot of money this time of the year. Maybe you work at one of those plants and I seem to have offended you.

TwissT4780d ago

*rings a bell* The flamewars are coming!!! the flamewars are coming!!!

bigshynepo4780d ago

How is this bias preschool writing getting on the front page...?

actas1234780d ago

Couldn't agree more. But Its a slow day because big news outlets are closed today = no new announcements = crappy n4g day, and merry chrisms everyone.

TANOD4780d ago

she is making this site a horrible place

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