Yamaoka Talks Silent Hill 5, Japanese Game Development 'In Trouble'

As part of an extended interview published today on Gamasutra, Konami sound director Akira Yamaoka has been discussing both progress on the Western-developed Silent Hill 5 and the state of Japanese development, suggesting "Japan is in trouble" when it comes to game development sophistication.

The interview, originally printed in the December 2007 issue of Game Developer magazine, has been expanded for its appearance on Gamasutra, and includes Yamaoka answering why Konami chose California-based developer The Collective for the currently in-development Silent Hill 5: "Basically, their graphical skill... and also they really understand the world and concept of Silent Hill."

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Dannagar4044d ago

In case you forgot to read, this is an extended interview published today on Gamasutra. Meaning that there is more content than the link you posted.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4044d ago

You bank off the same thing, that Japanese development is in trouble.