Toshiba's HD-D3 going for $100 on Boxing Day

Starting at 6:00AM on Boxing Day (that's December 26th for Americans), Futureshop will be offering up the HD-D3 for a mere $99.99 while supplies last...

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ilovepswii604047d ago

toshiba will be bankrupt soon as they are practically giving them away and begging people to buy it

v1c1ous4047d ago

why can't it work for toshiba?

Salvadore4047d ago

Seems like it's working for them, but I dont think they can go on like this forever.

lawman11084047d ago

I bought the A3 never heard of the D3

cuco334047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Since the PS3 loses money on every unit sold and Tosh's entry level gen3 HD player is sold at a profit, even at this $100CAD price tag... See the new Venturer model, is a rebranded, slightly stripped A3/D3 and sold at a profit for he cheap price at $100-200US.

The big profits are in the long run fellas, just do some research on how much Toshiba makes on patent licensing alone with normal DVD... I'll give you a hint, it's in the billions ;) ]

Besides, at the end of the day, this is Canada's Boxing Day, similar to US's Black Friday. I would pick one up in a heart beat if sold here in the US!!

ITR4047d ago

Cusco is correct. Toshiba makes tons of money doing R&D for chips. Hell Sony is even paying them now to produce the Cell now. Tosh big money will always be the DVD patents. You can't even make a DVD or DVD player without paying them a fee.

Biphter4046d ago

While stocks last. So its a model thats being discontinued. Maybe Futureshop just want rid and it has nothing to do with Toshiba. Do you think Sega wanted retailers to sell the Dreamcast for $50 when it was going down the pan? or Sony with discounted Betamax players?

And you folks comparing this to the PS3 price cuts are idiots. This is a CLEAROUT FIRE SALE! Not even remotely linkable to the Price cuts to PS3. Not even PS2 sells this cheaply... do you get it yet? If not i'll spell it out.....

HDDVD IS DYING! Deal with it. And I say the sooner the better so that we can get on with HD.

cuco334046d ago

1. HD-A3 was just recently released.
2. Boxing day is a Black Friday deal. Expect it to be a door buster type of sale to get people in the stores.
3. You suck at life.

TANOD4046d ago

D3 doesnt support 1080p....confined to just 1080i ONLY

D3 was released at the very beginning

It is a clearance sale.

HD DVD would sell so would BD on Boxing DAY and SO WOULD BE THE BD movies

BD movies would outsell HD DVD by big margins in the last week of December as well

cuco334046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

HD-D3 is the HD-A3. It is an entry level HD player. For films, the difference between 720p and 1080p is there at different viewing distances and screen sizes but 1080i to 1080p you will NOT notice a difference. Think about how 3/4 of the US population with HDTVs have a 720p/1080i HDTV, what's the point of 1080p player? If you want 1080p, get a 1080p player. Just like if you want a player that can handle bitstreaming of DTS-HD MA or other HD audio sources, pay more for it. Besides, a good 1080p HDTV will deinterlace the 1080i source signal and output to.... OMGHI2U... 1080p...

The HD-A3 (aka HD-D3) was released at the end of the summer. Go research it before you make your bold and blubiased PS3 d*ckriding claims...

Thanks for playing though. Go spread your bullsh*t FUD on, they love trolling fanboys who don't buy BD films like you over there... What's next, the lossless vs lossy debate while using TV speakers? or higher bitrate showing an advantage? or the disk protection that is needed for BD? or having more studio support when majority of players are Sony branded? or the profile MESS? Need I go on? :rollseyes:

NEWSFLASH: HD DVD and Blu-ray are 2 solutions to the same problem. Technically the physical BD disk is better as it holds more information which is good for a PC storage medium but preaching $30 BD25gb disks when HVD 1tb disks are on the horison isn't something to boast about... As a means for HDM (high def movies) there is no difference between the 2 formats and has yet to be seen. BD just charges more for their players and is probaly why 92% of all BD players are PS3s, 4% are Sony branded BD stand alones and the remaining 4% are split amongst ALL OTHER CE supporting companies that the blu bloods preach. How exactly is this not a Sony format?

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resistance1004047d ago

why don't they do deals like that over here in the UK?? At that price i would pick up a HD DVD player just for transformers and bourne

Rice4047d ago

wow, thats cheap! if i didnt have blu ray(ps3), i would have bought that instead of a blu ray player.

Monchichi0254047d ago

The free movies is worth the $100 itself! And think about it, even if HD-DVD does lose, imagen how cheap you'll be able to get movies in the future!!!! Then you can upgrade to a combo player in the future and already have a HUGE library of movies!!!

SafeRat4047d ago

That's 50 quid - The price of one game over in the UK.

moses4047d ago

That's the price of two games over here...

gta_cb4047d ago

everything is expensive here in the UK, the price difference is £1 = $2

UnblessedSoul4047d ago

Lol next they will be giving them away must be a really crap player

Kaneda4047d ago

Probably no pause button or forward button..:)