220°'s Top 10: Disappointments of 2007

Some say 2007 has been the greatest year ever in videogame history. We've had some top games spread generously throughout the year, a console launch and some pretty amazing headline-grabbing announcements. But not everything that made the news in 2007 has been blessed with brilliance. So in memory of this, have compiled their picks for 2007's biggest disappointments in a special Top 10. Strap yourself in, take a deep breath, and ready yourself for some truly shocking stuff.

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SeanScythe4579d ago

Notice they didn't mention the RROD? They seem to have no problem with sony's first 6 months but the 360's recent spring of bad luck all year isn't even mentioned.

Boink4579d ago

the only ones who care about that anymore are sony fanboys who bring it up as a last ditch effort to argue why people whould buy a ps3.

the rest of the gaming world has moved on...

although most of the list is pretty lame.

THAMMER14579d ago

You took care of in your post. RROD!!!!RROD!!!!RROD!!!!

Say it with me make sure the every one hears it. RROD!!!!RROD!!!!RROD!!!!

Salvadore4579d ago

But, MS stepped up to the problem by extending the warrant and repairing any faulty console. I don't really know if the issues have been fixed yet, but I haven't heard any RROD stories on the net or from any of my friends, but they should have been dealt with.

Gaara_7244579d ago

wtf ive had 3 m8s get inin the last 2 weeks?? so what u talkin abot and p.s one of them had the 65 mn chip and hap the falcon thingie so no it dont work it still there

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Cop_Boy4579d ago


DarkSniper4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

Microsoft's XBOX 360 console is considered by the masses to be a dissapointment in itself. Just by being released, XBOX 360 has fallen into being an eligible canidate of a dissapointment in 2005,2006 and 2007. Several news reports can be referenced to Dark Sniper's claim.

Sony's PLAYSTATION 3® gives the owner a sense of style and significant social value when displayed in the owner's living room. Combine this with a Sony 7.1 surround sound system and a Sony 1080p Bravia television set, and you will soon have the very best that electronics has to offer.


v1c1ous4579d ago

would dribble like this be more positively approved

Mr VideoGames4579d ago

actually the Playstation 3 is considered a Failure by the Masses lol everyone's been hearing how every company Despises and thinks SONY Shot themself in the foot by making that Console, so uh i just thoughti should tell ya that cause everything you said about the 360 is actually what the PS3 is in not the 360 so there ya go.

TSB Breakdown4579d ago

are u the garbage man cuz that comment was trash

Gaara_7244579d ago

thats funny if it was a dissapointment y has it sold just under 9 million in just over a year where the 360 in over 2 years has only sold 12.5 million the 360 sells bad in europe and EVEN WORSE IN JAPAN only good in america even they they seem to be ditchin it if u look at the sale records 360 only sold good untill the wii and ps3 came along so that should tell you something

N4Flamers4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

It is so funny that you think a sony 7.1 is the pinnacle of surround sound that just proves you're brainwashed try going with bose. That is a way better brand, as far as tv's go sony's cool but overpriced mitsubishi samsung sharp pioneer all slightly better alternatives depending on your tastes. As far as the PS3 thats probably one of sony's better machines it just needs better games, most of this article was lame though, and the poster above me should really check his sales figures.

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kunark4579d ago

i love my ps3 and its gonna gain alot of ground in 2008 just wonder what the xbox guys are gonna say when ps3 sells more then the xbox360 did in its 2yr mark. i picked the ps3 cause it offers alot of feature right out of the box that 360 does not plus 360 has like 33% falure rate i didnt wanna spend more time sending my 360 in for repairs then actully plaing it.

IamTheStorm814579d ago

I'm so sick of hearing how bad Lair's controls are. I was pretty good at Lair and I never experienced the issues most people did. Saying Lair's controls are bad is incorrect, they are just different and for some people they are hard to grasp. That doesn't make them bad. If the controls were so bad then nobody would be able to control it, but some, myself included, can and do so quite effectively.

Every time I initiated a forward dash the game complied. Whenever I initiated a 180 turn the game complied. You have to find the sweet spot for the speed and force you have to apply to the controller. Not to mention how vital reflexes and timing are. The game requires more attention then most games, but that doesn't make the controls bad, just different and harder to master.

I'm not saying Lair is an excellent game, but I'm tired of hearing how bad the controls were. I totally understand how someone would be put off by the forced usage of motion controls but I also think people were way too hard on Lair.

I will say, though, that Factor 5 should have included analog controls for people who don't like motion controls. It's perfectly understandable why someone wouldn't want to use motion controls in a game.

Snipes204579d ago

Motion controls all have a "sweet spot" to work well. Even on the Wii. I find that overdoing motions or under doing them doesn't help.

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