Originalgamster: 100+ Exclusive Reasons To Own A PS3

I originally bought my first PlayStation 3 as a birthday gift to myself. My friends, as any good friends would, proceeded to make fun of me saying I overpaid and that there were no games on the PS3. But I told them, “Just wait, the games will come”. Well, the games came, and what wonderful games they are… So now I present to you… 100+ exclusive reasons to own a PlayStation 3.

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Titanz4235d ago

I was expecting, OVER 9000!

sandman2244235d ago

Just amazing what sony does for a true gamer. I wish people support Sony over Microsoft. At least Sony doesn't milk all the gamers on old hardware and a limited amount of exclusive titles.

_Aarix_4235d ago

Old hardware? Wtf, the ps3 is pretty much as old as the 360. And ive enjoyed Gears, lost odyssey, splinter cell, last remnant, halo reach and the first mass effect. Troll on dude, troll on.

Hicken4235d ago

By old hardware, he probably meant the format.

That aside, how many of the games you mentioned have some other entry releasing? Just Halo; the future of Gears is up in the air, Mistwalker seems to be in dire straights, I haven't heard a word about another Splinter Cell, Last Remnant is probably not getting a sequel, and Mass Effect is now multiplat.

How many core exclusive titles are you getting from Microsoft this year? You're around here long enough to know that's what people mean. And the multiplat excuse is the worst excuse ever: why buy a 360 for a game I can get on the PS3 I already own?

EXCLUSIVES COUNT. And when you consider the lineup of upcoming games on the two systems, there's little reason to buy a 360 right now.

Anyway, that was all off-topic. I damn sure enjoy my PS3 and the exclusives. My favorite game this generation- which became one of my favorites of all-time- is Valkyria Chronicles.

DeathAvengers4235d ago

So is N4G a sony-run site now or what? Lots of cockriding these days.

Derpy4235d ago

While I can't answer for others, I've been pretty happy with my PS3. It gets a lot more playtime than my Wii and almost as much as my PC.


Rolling the Dice: Do Modern RPGs Miss the Point of Team-Based Play?

It seems it was long time ago. A bunch of friends spending hours on end playing RPG games, sitting around the table with the box of cold pizza. Excited about the story, listening to the Game Master, they were completely engaged in the worlds only visible to them and their imaginations.

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Takwin2421d ago

The GM is the programmer, and in MMOs and co-ops, you can play with others. If you want to ONLY use your imagination for the visuals, read a book.


Bless Online Korean MMORPG Gets Server Merge

This is not the first time that Bless Online receives a server merge in Korea. An announcement was made on the official Korean site.

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2457d ago
Bismarn2456d ago

Bless must be an amazing game to be on all these platforms (according to the tags): iPad iPhone Nintendo DS PC PS Vita PS2 PS3 PS4 PSP Wii Wii U Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One


Feature: GamerKnights Game Of The Year 2016 - GamerKnights

Game Of The Year 2016:   2016 has been another fantastic year for gaming. Whilst the sheer number of games coming out has probably declined again, the overall quality is up – the only thing really missing nowadays is solid experiences ‘in the middle’ – everything is either big-budget, ‘AAA’ games or smaller indie titles, with few episodic titles sat as a kind-of, sort-of bridge rather uncomfortably in the middle. Whilst that’s a shame for the industry in general, there’s still been loads of great titles this year, perhaps most notably five fantastic shooters in Doom, Gears, Battlefield, Call of Duty & Titanfall, all of whom take their respective games in new directions and improve over their predecessors in meaningful ways. As ever, each of our main writers have listed out their own personal top five games of the year – enjoy and please leave a comment if you disagree!

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esmittystud1012467d ago

Shooter: Battlefield 1

Linear: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Open world: Dark Souls III / Final Fantasy XV

Platformer: Inside

Racer: Forza Horizon 3