Lost Planet PS3: New Screenshots & Artwork

Capcom has released new images of its upcoming PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, along with one new piece of artwork. Prepare to be shocked though, for once, an image doesn't have blue.

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scrillakiller4045d ago

whats the relase date.i want this game

PimpHandHappy4045d ago

was this game really good or what? Do you think its worth 60bucks?

Im looking for gamer reviews of this game because i might be looking 2buy this game

I really liked the TV spots i seen when this game came out for the 360.

Stunt4045d ago

Actually my friend, if you go to Capcom's site to pre-order the game, it only costs $40.00, not $60.00 due to the fact it's sort of old. =]

sonarus4045d ago

played half of it on 360 then sold it since its 40 bucks might buy again so i can at least play online with friends now:)

TheXgamerLive4045d ago

The most you'll have though is the incredible online multi-player matches, if alot of ps3 users play this online. If your not a big multiplayer fan then pass it up, otherwise have fun.

I saw some older ps3 shots that didn't look so good though, so if it's a bad port then I'd wait a while but if it's been polished up, go for it.

dhammalama4044d ago

It's actually a really cool game. I didn't play any online, but the single player campaign is lots of fun.

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gameforall4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Trying to recoup their losses, well it's to late.

bootsielon4045d ago

The game cost 40 million dollars to make, 20 million alone in adds. Now, if they sold 1 million for 60 dollars, you'd think they made their profit back, but remember retail chains need some money, and it's usual that Capcom would have only gotten, out of those 60 dollars, just 45, since part of that goes to Microsoft too. So now they're back at 45 million, but you forget that Capcom also incurrs in operational costs, which are not included in the cost of the game (or rather, the game is actually more expensive than you think). So the actual profit on the game, if it's not a loss, or if they are more than "just even", is still not enough, since it is less than 12.5%, which is unacceptable for any corporation, especially one that makes software where the rates of profit are usually higher. So yeah, not meeting your expected or wanted profit is definitely a loss, which is why the PS3 port has merit (to Capcom), since they didn't have to incurr in such high costs for the assets or completely re-making the game, only porting. You know who you can blame though? Microsoft's failure in japan.

v1c1ous4045d ago

or any game that hasn't sold past the 1 million mark.

cause by those standards, only halo 3, resistance, bioshock, fifa 08 have made any profit.

how DO vg companies stay afloat

waa waa waa

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

Oh wait, you're a Droid (nevermind)

Method4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Are you retarded?

$40m to develop and $20m in ads?

Not even Halo had $20m in ads kid.

By your horrible logic it wouldn't make sense for capcom or any other publisher/developer to waste time and resources to put games on the PS3 after R&C and Uncharted's abysmal sales.

DJ4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Resistance sold 1.7 million copies before it was bundled with systems, and Motorstorm sold 1.2 million before it was also bundled. Also, spreading FUD about the sales of Uncharted when it's sold 700K units worldwide (and probably a lot more since the last time I checked) isn't a wise move.

Bootsielon is absolutely right, though I think he merely forgot to add in PC sales of Lost Planet (which are probably still very small).

Edit: "Now a personal question for your DJ. Why do you include Blu-Ray movies sold with games sold when you talk about attach rate with the PS3?"

Please provide proof of this accusation.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

There has never been a video game made with a $60 million dollar budget. DJ RFOM did sell a little over a million but look how long it took. The 360 29 million sellers and a few of them in one day or one week.

Infact 360 has 29 games that have sold a million or more

The PS3 has 4

25 million difference with only a year head start.

Now a personal question for your DJ. Why do you include Blu-Ray movies sold with games sold when you talk about attach rate with the PS3? when the PS3 only has a 3 for games and a 5 for movies and you always say the PS3 has a 7 attach rate. Who are you trying to fool? Be honest for a change seperate the movies and games, after all this is "news 4 gamers". (keep it games)

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Gaara_7244045d ago

i liked this game for the 360 /9my friend had it) but there was quite a bitof motion blur whitch made me stop playing it?? i h8 motion blur but i think it was the cheap tvhe has lol? i ewill bye this

sheng long4045d ago

Just goes to show you 360 owners will buy any game, whether it's good or not.(myself included) Actually i think the game is pretty solid, but there are other games on PS3 i'd rather have.

v1c1ous4045d ago

if there is one thing that 360 owners are known for, it's buying games.

but i wonder why.....

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