Resistance 2 Trademarked by SCEA

Ripten writes:

"You know that game you've been working on, with the WWII aliens? Well, if you were planning on calling it Resistance 2, then you'd better think again. Last week Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. filed to trademark the name Resistance 2."

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predator4043d ago

whats the first one like?, now that i have a ps3 i might try it out.

resistance1004043d ago

Really underrated.

The story is solid, however online when it really shines.

iNcRiMiNaTi4043d ago

cant wait. i got warhawk and uncharted and i think my gf bought me resistance

Neurotoxin4043d ago

Yeah Resistance is a good shooter, not Great, but solid like someone just said. The guns are pretty good, and they breathe some new life into the genre. Worth a play indeed, it has some of the best snow effects i`ve seen for ages and its rather satisfying blowing the sh*t out of the enemy.

Multiplayer was ok for me, although it had a serious contender at the time in call of duty so i just completed Resistance and sold it on without really giving the Mp a shot.

There where a few niggling things i didn`t like, controls where a bit to responsive and the vehicle sections where for the most part irritating (aside from the jeep). All in all though the game was entertaining.

actionjackson4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I'd have to agree with Resistance100. The game is really underrated. If you like FPS's then this game is a must have. The story line is actually pretty nice. I really enjoyed the single player campaign, but like most FPS's, the online is absolutely fun and challenging. For a PS3 owner, this game is a must have.

Online Features include:
Ranked Games (Death match, free-for-all, and team objective)

Unranked Games (Customized games, however you like them - unlimited weapons, one-hit kills, etc)

Clans - Create/Join a clan and play with friends.

Once you play online, you accumulate XP points and your character ungrades in rank. This will allow you to change the characters appearance. Also, stats are logged and you win certain medals for various accomplishments. It's a good way to show off your skills.

The mutiplayer community is pretty cool. If you're new to the game, get on your headset and ask people how to do certain things, like hiding is certain areas, launching a larrk (rocket) and making them explode, etc. Most people are willing to help.

There are multiple controller layouts which are geared towards certain weapons and styles. Sensitivity can be adjusted to your desire.

All and all, a trully fun game. This game will have you hooked for a while.

Congrats on your new PS3. Enjoy.

Side Note: Insomniac Games, which developed R:FOM, has become a top tier developer. They also developed Rachet and Clank. You will be blown away by this game. R&C features great gameplay and the graphics are stunning.

Bazookajoe_834043d ago

It´s a solid campaign game with some nice replay values (some new wepons on the second round). I actually isnt a great fan of the multiplayer aspect of it, but that´s just because im no fan of games were you take like a full mag before you die (I don´t really like halo because of the same reason). But i think resistance is a must buy for a ps3 owner. Story is really good...

Keowrath4043d ago

Download the demo mate. That includes 2 pretty cool levels. I had a mate that when he got his PS3 he sold resistance instantly because he wasn't overly impressed by the start. The demo shows a few more weapons and some of the cooler badguys you'll come up against.

I got this cheap off ebay and played through the whole campaign 2 player with my girlfriend. We both had a great time with this game and if you like FPS'ers, I think you'll enjoy it too.

Vip3r4043d ago

Resistance is worth getting especially now that it's been out a while and it should be cheap to buy. It does have a good storyline and replay value with coop, achievements (of sorts) and a good online play too.

Polluted4043d ago

Best FPS on the system so far. It isn't genre defining or anything, but it held my attention long enough to play through twice which is more than I can say for a lot of FPS nowadays. It's even pretty nice graphically which is awesome considering it's a launch title. The enemies look amazing.
Fun online play and offline co-op too. You should be be to pick up a cheap copy somewhere now, so there's no reason not to play this game.

cmrbe4043d ago

I am telling you. You will not regret buying this game. It dosen't have as good graphics as current games but the gameplay and the story makes up for it big time. The weapons are amazing as well. Read the IGN review to get an idea of what i am talking about.

PlayStation3604042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Gongrats bro, 3 of the best games on the PS3 at the moment, IMHO. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed this holiday season :)

But on topic. Predator, I highly suggest getting Resistance. The campaign mode is dope, and the online multiplay is fun as hell. Getting all the medals in online multiplay is rather difficult and time consuming, so the replay value is high. I bought the game on launch day, and I still do not have all the medals :P The Insomniac medal is the hardest X(

Leg-End4042d ago

i cant imagine my gf playing resistance lol

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UnblessedSoul4043d ago

I loved resistance I still play it even now, I will definitely buy number 2, I agree the story is solid and the online is awesome

PStriple7034043d ago

next year will be a big year!

gamesblow4043d ago

Resistance is underrated huh? Over 2 million sold world wide and it's underrated...?? I guess a game has to sell 5 million on a crap install base to be considered a smash hit nowadays. ahhahahaha... What a joke!

ravinash4043d ago

It was good, but I didn't have time to get good at it. So I never really got into it.
people seem to like it, so maybe one day I'll pick it up to have a good crack at it again.

resistance1004043d ago

Sales do not determin if a game is underrated or not.

its underrated as it didn't really get the praise it deserved from critic's

cow moolester4043d ago

Resistance is a brilliant game. I loved it.It has a great story, nice graphics and a really lengthy playtime. Can't wait to play Resistance 2