The Best Film of the Year Didn’t Need Talking. Do Video Games Need Graphics?

Last night at the Academy Awards, a silent film won best picture. Michel Hazanavicius's The Artist, a movie about silent film star George Valentin, is itself a classic silent film—for the most part, it has no sound effects or dialogue, just music and on-screen action.

Several new video games like the Move-enabled competitive game Johann Sebastian Joust and the audio-only shooter Swamp have eschewed graphics entirely. As The Artist reminded us, a film does not need spoken dialogue to qualify as a film. These new games raise a similar question: Despite the "video" in the moniker, do video games really need graphics?

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kneon3014d ago

Yup, I used to play that on a PDP-11 in the late 70's

aCasualGamer3014d ago

There aren't many games that are doing what The Artist is trying to do within it's own medium.

Journey is one, though. Trying to tell you a story only through the abstract gameplay style.

Also, i would love to see the oldschool 8bit games coming back through PSN/XBL/Steam and trying to tell you a great story.

E2S3014d ago

wouldt it make more sense to say Do video games need voice actors?

and the answer is no. Nintendo has made a lineup of mostly silent (or almost silent) characters.

galgor3014d ago

Text based adventure games ftw!!

Abdou233014d ago

Yes, video games needs both graphics and voice actors. i just cant imagine how companies in the year 2012 still release games with no voices.

brettyd3014d ago

What? Drive had talking..

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