Dreamcast Shmups Library - 2d Shooters Galore

You would think that it would be hard for the Dreamcast to follow in the 2D footsteps of its sibling, the Sega Saturn and its massive collection of 2D shoot-em-ups. However, the Dreamcast is the perfect complement to the Saturn and is a essentially a requirement in and shmup fanatic's collection.

While it only started out with a few shooters from Psikyo and Capcom (most of which looked like nice 2D Saturn games), it gathered quite a library by the end of its life. In fact, MOST of the 2D shooters for the console were released well after the Dreamcast was "dead" in the United States.

So yes, if you wish to play most of these, you will need to learn how to play Dreamcast imports. But if you are a shooter fan, you will not regret investing in some of these Dreamcast gems.

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Zhuk4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

A major reason why the Dreamcast is such an amazing console is the strength of its shmup library. Even today shmups are still being made and released on the Dreamcast, with the brilliant Triggerheart Excelica being a recent addition.

Games such as Gigawing, Ikaruga, Castle of Shikigami 2, Bangai-O and Zero Gunner are amongst my favourites on the system.

While the Saturn has a shmup library of greater depth (plus the fact that playing shmups with the Saturn pad is gaming heaven) the strenght of the Dreamcast's shmup library should not be ignored or underestimated.

ravinash4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Guess current developers would feel that if its not pushing the current technology to the limit then its not worth making.
Its a shame as there is something to learn from these games, and if they were fun to play then, they'll be fun to play now.

Zhuk4583d ago

I agree that shmups should get more attention, they are a perfect genre that combines pick up and play gaming that is at the same time insanely challenging and has unlimited replay value.

Also shmups can be fantastic showcases for consoles, Axelay for SNES was an amazing showcase of Mode 7 wizardry, RS and Ikaruga really shined on the Saturn and Dreamcast and Treasure was able to make those games some of the best looking on the system.

Luckily XBLA and PSN are offering an avenue for shmups, with the release of games like Ikaruga, Omega Five and Soldner-X on the platforms, all of which have fantastic looking graphics.

My real hope does lay in Treasure's latest shmup project on the Xbox 360, codenamed 'RS3' hopefully they will bring the level of graphical fidelity in shmups to a whole new level and at the same time bring the genre out of the periphery and back into the mainstream

kewlkat0074583d ago

are not as fun as they used to be. The fact is most of thse types of games are released as classics or PSN/XBL games but osme times these games are very much enjoyable and sometimes better than their 3-D counterparts.

What gets me pist is that Konami will not make another 2-D castlevania type game like symphony of the night.

Imagine how huge the castle would be with so much replay value.

titntin4583d ago

Poor reviews and poor sales have destroyed this genre for modern consoles.
Every shmup ever recently released in the west was always blighted by a critic shouting 'I've seen it before' and 'we don't want this old school stuff any more'. The Japs have always been a little more pragmatic, and don't mind seeing a good genre redone over and over, hence more of this type of game still being released in Japan.

As a real old school gamer I still love this type of game and its appeal doesn't date for me. My trusty mame machine comes loaded with just about every shmup ever released in the arcades, and I keep just about every title I can on emulators for my old machines.
Fans of old school shooters should check out the old PC engine (stupidly named turbographix in the US). Some trully amazing games of this genre on this system - and seek out einhander on the psx too for an innovative game from square.
The dreamcast was the last tully great system for schmups and the catalougue only goes to prove this... I don't see many chances of us getting much of this style of game on the current gen machines. Such a shame!

Matpan4583d ago

I have played ikaruga over and over...
Hands down, one of the best shmups ever.

BlackIceJoe4583d ago

I always liked Shootemups but they never seem to sell well in North America. But they seem to be having a kind of come back with Xbox Live and PSN. So I would like to see more games like these make there way over seas.

As for the Dreamcast it was a marvel in its own right with Shmups. It had a great group of different ones and its sad not many people ever gave the Dreamcast a chance to live.