Johnny Chung Lee: Wii remote applications, Someone needs to give this guy a job

Geekpulp has started an online campaign to promote industry interest in Johnny Chung Lee to get him employed by one of the major players

Please view what he's capable of already.

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GlossGreen4581d ago

thought that the Wii could do something like that. If they actually can create a game based on this technology, I'm there.

jaOSYH261nsw29m4581d ago

Wow, I think this guy just unlocked what the Wii can really do.

Kudos to him.

If this guy helps develop a game, Next-Gen Wii gaming will have finally arrived.

Mr VideoGames4581d ago

he's no better than that 330 pound Fatass Asian Kid who keeled over after playing World of Warcraft all night.

season0074581d ago

no wonder you've got only 2 bubbles
i bet it will be one left very soon

season0074581d ago

and this is what wii supposed to do....or wait, if Wii can't handle that 3d object
Connect Wii remote with PS3 =) i bet that works too

IntelligentAj4581d ago

Oh $hit. If they put this in a game i'm sold. Kiddie or not. If noone else thought about this then they need to see what else this kid knows and get him a job at Nintendo. That $hit is hot!!! Imagine the possibilities in a shooter or sports game!! or any game for that matter. Wow!!

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The story is too old to be commented.