CVG's The Most Overlooked Games of '07

It's been a truly spectacular year for games, but for every Halo 3 and Super Mario Galaxy there's been one quality title that's been shoved into the sideline thanks to a huge marketing budget. Here's CVG's pick of some titles you may have missed.

With all those Christmas vouchers and upcoming January sales, CVG thought it'd be a good idea to recommend where you should put your moth-eaten cash.

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Captain Tuttle4040d ago

That Uncharted isn't selling.

clevernickname4040d ago

Selling well in Europe. Uncharted outsold Assassin's Creed for the PS3 last week.

It's something. Give it time. I think once people are out of the Christmas season and done with the party games they will return to the single player game genre and find Uncharted fits the bill nicely.

Rachet and Clank seem to be suffering from the same phenomenon.

QuackPot4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

the reason for great games not selling well. Not all owners are going to like games like UDF or R&C or even UT3.

The Ps3's diverse ownership base and subsequent game tastes will be a problem while the install base is under 10 million.

Compare this to the majority of xbox 360 owners who just love shooters or action games and will gladly buy most games released.

Plus if you own multiple consoles then you'll get you game fix from the console that provides it.

iNcRiMiNaTi4040d ago

my 360 will be the shooter console and my soon to be open ps3 will be for the other genres. except for MGS4, thats one shooter that a ps3 exclusive

AAACE54039d ago

Uncharted just doesn't grab alot of attention. When I think about buying a ps3, I don't even have that game on my list! I heard the reviews, I know it's good, but it just doesn't grab me! For a game like that, I think a woman should have been the lead character, as in Tomb Raider has made it seem appropriate for that type of game. The main character in U:DF just looks too out of place!

Rachet and clank is targeted more toward the kids, and let's face it, only a small percentage of adults bought this game, and alot of parents thought it would be a stupid idea to buy their kids a $600 (now $400) game system that might get abused by their kids, in the near future!

I gave my own answers... But the real question is, with so few quality games on the Ps3, why haven't owners been buying these quality games?