Games You Should Play for Their Amazing Stories

Unigamesity writes: "Is writing a requisite for a great game? Not even close. Is it as important as, say, programming and art design? Probably not. But I challenge anyone to deny that good writing, whether it comes in the form of complex story design, witty dialog, or simply loveable characters, always—mind you, always—takes a game to a whole new level of quality."

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Venox20083130d ago

play Conker and Beyond good & evil .. and MGS games

Bimkoblerutso3129d ago

Yeah, that was a really good story. I agree.

ironfist923129d ago

I'm probably the only one who plays games for their stories :/

TopDudeMan3129d ago

Or MGS... Probably one of the more story-driven franchises out there.

EmperorDalek3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

If you read up on the story after you beat it, I would say Dark Souls.