First MGS4 INGAME Images!

Check out these first ever ingame screenshots of MGS4. There will soon be more ingame footage shown at TGS.  You can view the images in the image section below.  (They are low quality scans btw. )

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kingboy5854d ago

you the man for posting this..thanks

zypher5854d ago

from what little bit i could discern it looks exactly like the trailers Konami's been showing. great indeed! now hopefully all the doubts will be laid to rest.

Balance5854d ago

i only saw 1 screen shot that looked in game that i don't remember from the trailer. they are so hard to see it is hard to tell anything though. is there supposed to be ingame stuff for this at TGS?

General5854d ago

Yep Kojima is going to be showing Ingame footage at TGS, Someone will be actually controlling Snake this time ;)

Donkey Slayer5854d ago

I probably will rent it as I have a hard time getting into MGS games. Maybe it will be more enjoyable than the last two for me. Nice eye candy

Sphinx5854d ago

...from what I can tell. But it doesn't look any better than some of the 360 games. It is a must play though!