Nintendo hit by Wii shortage

Shortages of Nintendo's Wii games console are benefiting the Japanese company's rivals Microsoft and Sony in the crucial run-up to Christmas in the US.

Nintendo sought to keep sales going at the end of last week by introducing "rain-check certificates" at GameStop video game stores, guaranteeing delivery to buyers of the sold-out console some time in January.

But retailers have reported that frustrated consumers are in some cases opting to buy Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Sony's PlayStation 3 instead.

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Zhuk4049d ago

The only shortage Nintendo has is a shortage of a decent console

felman874049d ago

You don't fancy the wii?

Capt CHAOS4049d ago

And even funnier 'You don't fancy the Wii?'.

I got one for my daughter just a few days ago.. and yes, it really is a 'toy', I think the controller sucks and you just don't get the fine control you need for most games (i.e. Golf)..

Prismo_Fillusion4049d ago

Capt. Chaos:
All video game consoles are toys...
"3. something that serves for or as if for diversion, rather than for serious pratical use. " (from

Prismo_Fillusion4049d ago

There's a Wii shortage?
I had not heard this before.
News to me.


UnblessedSoul4049d ago

Stop with the freaking wii shortages nobody gives a shi!

FF7numba14049d ago

its actually a good move for Nintendo. Kind of like keeping AD>AS.(economics)

AzaziL4048d ago

Doesn't work if the funnel effect limits sales and allows consumers to spend their money somewhere else. Just think of all the people this Xmas that'll end up with a 360 or PS3 because there were no Wii's available.

wiizy4049d ago

if you say so.. cause the wii has been outselling sony 3 to sony is either not needed or that shortage is starting to be filled

DeejayTai4048d ago

Yeah, and hamburgers outsells steak cuz it's CHEAPER! What's your point? It must be a better console because it sells more? Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch went multi-platinum too. You sayin' they kick a$$?

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The story is too old to be commented.