Angry Video Game Nerd: A Christmas Carol Pt. 2

The chilling conclusion to The Nerd's Christmas adventure. Will he have a happy holiday season after visits from his past, present and future?

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ps3FTW4576d ago

A full house fighter? Lol.

Norad64576d ago

LOL! Merry F'n Christmas AVGN!!!

gamesblow4576d ago

Not really that funny... I mean, some of it was... most of it wasn't. You can tell just how deep into Gametrailers ASS he is in his contract with Gametrailers, cause you can see an episode now without their idiot mascots.. Handsome Tom??? < Why he's considered Handsome, I just don't know... and Stuttering whoever he is. Why he stutters I don't know, I've never heard him stutter much.

Then you have that atrocious, and I mean.... $HITTY BAD Sega guy. What the hell is his name? Sega Master or some $HIT.... what is that dudes name? He plays Sega games and he goes on like adventures.... Anyways, not important... him and James teamed up and it was so terrible. It was really, really bad.

Just like this episode of AVGN. Robin Williams-Fu... u2fu?? Please... That's not funny. As a matter of fact, that was about as funny as Robin Williams and Steve Martin drunk on a flight to London from New Port and you're stuck in the middle of them fully rested.

bourner4576d ago

hell of a comment just for a funny video .
id rater drink diarrhoea sauce lol

AllroundGamer4576d ago

i couldn't enjoy Christmas without AVGN :)

xm15e2s4576d ago

There is a certain charm to all of the "Angry Video Game/Nintendo Nerd" videos that makes them very cool.

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