Ubisoft : Haze preorders now available ... for August 2008

Like Mr. Deeds ... Ubisoft deals up a gut wrenching rhyme.

Haze equals more delays.

According to UBISOFT's own online store...HAZE is now an Aug 2008 release.

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mikeslemonade4576d ago

I would compare this warhawk. Warhawk was supposed to launch with the PS3 and then it was delayed to August. Also during that time the graphics improved by a lot. Haze was suppose come out in Novemember and now is coming in August. The game obviously was suffering from what Assasin's Creed was suffering from and that's the polish of the game. Haze can become a great game in August instead of being an average if it were to launch in December.

The Killer4576d ago

i rather wait and play a polished games then play now a game that sucks or suffer from framerate drops or freezing screen like AC etc!

but in that case what is the line up for ps3 in the first half of 2008?
devil may cry 4
lost planet
maybe white night story
burnout paradise
maybe the last remnant(SE)
ok not bad i hope i missed great games aslo!

Shankle4576d ago

I really want to play this game, but i doubted that I would have got it because of that lineup.

Kaneda4575d ago

releasing this game beginning of the year will be a big mistake.. money is going to be tight after the holidays..

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Blasphemy4576d ago

If this is true then damn this sucks. I was looking forward to picking this one up in Jan.

ErcsYou4576d ago and both still have a january 15 release keeping my fingers crossed

QuackPot4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Delays are the favourite rally call these days for those pathetic xbots.

They're running out of things to criticize the Ps3 about - games library growing, developers know what they're doing, price dropping, return of rumble and slowly but surely PSN is improving.

And if this delay is true then its for the good of the game. Hell, look at Assassins Creed. It's a okay game but should have been great - should have been delayed another 6 months to fix the glitches and improve the gameplay and AI.

So we don't mind the delays so long as the FR gets it RIGHT first time. Lately, Haze is showing so much promise - a solid shooter.

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fresco4576d ago

wouldn't be surprised if the 360 version is released at the same time to recoup losses.

xplosneer4576d ago

Even their full press release says Q4 Physical(January-March)

WAR_MACHINE774576d ago

Free Radical said they were pretty much done on their blog in mid november. I'm sure the date ubisofts store has is just a typo. I just dont see a game being just a week or two from being complete being delayed for 9 1/2 months.