Dreamcast, cast off too soon?

Many said the Dreamcast was ahead of its time. Some called it the first true multiplayer experience because of its online capabilities. Whatever you want to call it, the Dreamcast was Sega's last stand into the console business.

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MK_Red4048d ago

DreamCast was a masterpiece, a state of the art console and sadly people killed it buy not buying it or it's games. People killed it because they buy 10000000000s of Maddens, Fifas and such on PS2 but don't give darn about real games.

xplosneer4048d ago

I don't get the US demographic anymore(and I'm in California). Why people buy $60 worth of games that they won't play for more than a year is beyond me. If they updated the roster online after spending 2 years to perfect the players looks from the start-THEN it would be fine. Stupid EA buying out Madden. yet another demonstration where competition is GOOD.

Marceles4048d ago

The Dreamcast was a great just got absolutely NO support from ANYONE. It had the online gameplay...the VMU idea was also pretty cool for playing football and for developing Chao's on Sonic Adventure. But the most support it could get from a 3rd party were a few playstation 1 ports, and those still managed to outsell the Dreamcast versions even though the DC version came with enhanced graphics and other features. Soul Calibur, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter III, Virtua Tennis, Shenmue, Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain, Skies of Arcadia, the NBA and NFL2k series, Chu Chu Rocket, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica were all reasons why the Dreamcast was a good well-rounded system

kewlkat0074047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Marceles said.

One of my favorite consoles which had a mix of 2-D games and a good selection of 3-D titles.

The games were of High Quality. Even games like "Worms" got me and my buddies at college playing for hours.

2-D scroller shooter like Bangai-O was sweet. Cannon spike was a decent brawler. Skies of Arcadia was nice as well as shenmue and grandia.

SEGA 2k Sports was the sh^t.

Dreamcast was the first do do some thing like True online console gaming, then XBL took it and ran away with it.

I spent countless hours playing Soul Caliber and getting all the weapons. MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 was sweet. Games like Guilty Gear was awesome. Crazy Taxi, Samba Di Amigo was fun.


UltramanJ4047d ago

Are you serious? After all the times Sega screwed consumers with Sega CD, 32x, and Saturn you expected them to just rush out and buy another system from a company notrious for lousy third party support, and a habit of killing off their systems? Sega screwed nobody but themselves over the years, so don't dare put the blame on consumers who took the smart approach and held off for a system from a more competent company.
I bought a Dreamcast on 9/9/99 like a lot of other people, but after the launch, what was there? We had Resident Evil CV and DOA 2 and that was basically it. There were no other high profile games because third parties knew the Dreamcast was a sinking ship that already had flopped in Japan thanks to a terrible launch of Godzilla (awful game), Pen Pen Triathalon (sound good to you?), and Virtua Fighter 3 (a lousy port).

DeejayTai4047d ago

Did you ever notice that the DC was powered by microsoft? No, my friend, Bill Gates forced the DC to sink because he wanted to market HIS console. AS soon as the DC was no more, here comes this ugly-a$$ed big black heavy box.

BenderDGreat824047d ago

#2.2, said EXACTLY how I felt about this tremendous system. 9.9.99 was an incredible date. I remember my jaw falling to the floor when I saw Soul Caliber...the experience would have been better had if my grandpa's funeral wasn't on that date also...still, it was one of the best damn gaming experiences I've EVER had!

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The Dark Knight4048d ago

:O who disagreed with me:O:O the dreamcast was the best!! sonic adventures:) you remember that game were you played as toys, cant remember the name but my god that was good

BlackCountryBob4047d ago

I loved Toy Commander, possibly one of the most fun games ever, especially the flying missions.

IMO The Dreamcast was truly an amazing machine and the only reason I got rid of mine was because it was bricked, it had and still has some of the most interesting, unique and generally entertaining games of any platform in the past 10 years. Jet Set Radio was brilliant and I remember the ridiculous number of hours I spent on Unreal Tourney which was the first FPS I had ever played.

I think I might hit Ebay and try to pick one up, damn you nostalgia.

Tarmgar4048d ago

Nothing on the Dreamcast beat "Blue Stinger" and my all time favorite "Power Stone 2". It's so sad that both had to die such a young life.

Marceles4048d ago

Blue Stinger was one of the first games that really made me say "omg...this is in-game graphics???". That game was really cool

B Man4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Ugh that game was freaking HORRIBLE. The story, the dialouge, the gameplay... bad bad bad. Only reason I had it was because my grandma bought me the dreamcast for christmas and didn't know what game to get so all I had to play for a month was Bland Stinger.

Now... Skies of Arcadia on the other hand... best game ever made TO DATE.

It's a real shame about dreamcast... they had waaay more good titles during it's short lifetime than xbox 1 did in the same amount of time.

IntelligentAj4048d ago

Yeah this system was definitely ahead of it's time. I remember playing online and definitely remember Sonic Adventure.

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