Please, Just Give Us Kingdom Hearts III

Laura of - "All in all, the series consists of… wait for it… ten games.

And yet, there is no number three. This does not make sense in my head. We obviously have the two main games, then their extended versions (Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix), which is fine."

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RedDead3126d ago

Money? Also Nomura put so much crap into KH2 that he had to make a few more games to explain how the situation ended up that way

oli3125d ago

ummm... no. Other than that ending with all the keyblades, everything was fine and did not need explaining.

MEsoJD3125d ago

I agree with the author here. I still don't believe the 3DS title will be largely relevant, based on what I've seen. Screams side story (incoming definition correction from crazy fan). Having a main title on a Nintendo device, let alone handheld is a kick in the balls. I'm saying it's chain of memories relevant at best, and this talk that it's a main is marketing. Time will tell...

Knight_Cid3126d ago

it makes perfect sense.

Who needs a 3?

We had a 0 and weve had a 2.5 and a 2.75

all games that advanced the story in the same way

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3125d ago

3 ends the xehanort saga. Of course we need a 3. There's still so much left to explain about the story. Can't wait honestly.

Knight_Cid3125d ago

my point being the ones we got are just as important as 1 and 2

Knight_Cid3125d ago

oh and I forgot with DDD, that is 3 part 1

Waddy1013125d ago

I would rather have a fully-fledged Kingdom Hearts 3 on consoles than all these handheld spin-offs but i guess the main market for Kingdom Hearts is Japan and they all love their handhelds.

brodychet3125d ago

Yep. Kingdom Hearts being my favorite game of all time, yet even with access to all of the handheld versions.. I find no will to play them.

I've been waiting for KH3 for... 7 years? With no hint of the game being made at all. Come on Enix..

Waddy1013125d ago

I've heard rumours that it's going to be developed for the Wii U but i hope that it is developed for other consoles as well because as it is i don't see myself buying a Wii U.

rezzah3125d ago

If we have KH3 now then it wouldn't make sense.

We wouldn't know how Sora and Riku become Keyblade masters (KH3DS).

Slient Knight 93125d ago

Couldn't they have just done the keyblade master test in kingdom hearts 3 instead of another handheld spin-off?

I've only played KH 1, 2 and birth by sleep i had to read KH wiki to figure out what the hell happened between KH and KH2, wish they do HD collection with all KH games.

rezzah3125d ago

Maybe they have something bigger for KH3, meaning with the addition of a becoming Kayblade masters they would have to make KH3.1 and then KH3.2.

In the end it there would still be an extra game, or DLC.

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The story is too old to be commented.