Give the gift of Xbox Live Points

Major Nelson, the Xbox Live Director of Programming, reports that now it is possible to purchase Xbox Live gift points. You can try this at Major Nelson's site.

You need to know the person's Windows Live ID for the gifting. Major Nelson has asked the team to add the ability to gift points based on Gamertag, and they said they'll work on that for the future, but for now… you'll need to know the recipient's Windows Live ID.

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resistance1004041d ago

Nice, shame this didn't come out sooner, otherwise i could have asked for some points for xmas

Bnet3434041d ago

I always wanted this feature ever since my friend offered me to buy me the halo 3 maps

NextGEN Gamers4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Why the hell is a Major Nelson infommercial classified news on N4G?


PS. Yes I own an Xbox 360, no I don't own a PS3.

Kyur4ThePain4041d ago

Not sure about the "infomercial" part, but this is a new feature available to 360 owners, so it should be fine.
Not sure why they couldn't do this through the Gamertag in the first pace, though.

Zhuk4041d ago

this is a great gift for any loved one so that they may be able to enjoy all the high quality content available Only on Xbox Live Marketplace

Rice4041d ago

so true, i wish they i could do this with the Ps3, so i cud give my friends points or w/e instead of straight up cash.

Close_Second4041d ago do they charge for items on PSN? Is it just via credit card?

Tsalagi4041d ago

You use your credit or debit card to add money to your "wallet" (Kind of like Pay-Pal). Then you just use that to pay for things on PSN. All purchases are in cash (costs dollars not points) and are tax free (for me at least even though i do get charged tax for buying MS points).

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