No Gravity creators' new game teaser video: Eyeliner

The RealTechVR team hasn't come out with No Gravity yet but already they have another game in the works and it's looking pretty great. Their new project is called Eyeliner and they've provided a teaser for us to drool on while we wait for the game.

There's no other info on the game other than the teaser and from what we can see in the teaser this is going to be one beautiful game. Gameplay looks to be centered on controlling a symmetrical shape with two hexagonal sides through a matrix of hexagons.

Check it out for yourselves:

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Darkiewonder4042d ago

I was thinking it's a casual game for girls.
Then it's like moving a hexagonal shaped object and touching pill shaped object around a maze like environment.

But hey, it's pink and the shapes are cool.

Will wait for more information about this game.