The Secret World dev: MMOs make you start again, we’re different

Do you have to create a new character to find longevity in most MMOs? The Secret World lead content designer Joel Bylos reckons so, but as with everything else, his game will be doing things differently.

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Sidewinder-4527d ago

It's the first mmo to generally interest me since I first played WoW when it was still only at Burning Crusade.

Having said that, it'll probs end up being the same old shit, or just too crazy to stand on its own feet.

I wanna see what becomes of it though.


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The Secret World TV Series Begins Production

Johnny Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil has begun work on a Secret World TV series set in the MMO's conspiracy-laden supernatural universe.

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PapaBop2532d ago

The Secret World has an amazing setting, this could be great if it's done well.


Secret World Legends Readies TSW Legacy Transfers for Head Start

The TSW Legacy Transfer system will let veteran players of TSW shuffle their membership status and other in-game items over to Secret World Legends.

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