Playstation 3: The Best New IPs of 2007 and The Most Anticipated of 2008

Today TGR is paying respect to the best new original properties of 2007 for the Playstation 3, and what developments they have helped bring to the gaming industry. Also check out the preview for the PS3's most anticipated new IP's of 2008, there's plenty of original games coming next year too

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Relcom4042d ago

Also White Knight Chronces and LBP will be awesone. Those are just a few in Sony's arsenal. Gonn be one huge year for PS3 owners.

Also if you checked the 360's link on that site they have some good ones coming too. I'm sure we'll all be happy.

TANOD4042d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

sorry for my previous comments

I didnt know it was about NEW IPS

Relcom4041d ago

Since when was MGS4 and Kilzone 2 new IP's?

riqued4041d ago

"New IPs", TANOD

My own list:

1-Whatever title team Ico releases
2-The Agency
5-The Getaway
10-Mass Effect 1 port

SJL4804041d ago

Actually it's NEW IP'S OF 2007......AND MOST ANTICIPATED IP'S OF 08. It really doesn't specifically note new IP'S for 2008. It doesn't specify new or not so it could be read either way.

CrazzyMan4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

i just didn`t see nothing special about that game, except maybe those GIANT knights.
And the graphics, though are colorful, don`t look very great, maybe i missed something?

Gaara_7244041d ago

is telling the truth it says Playstation 3: The Best New IPs of 2007 and The Most Anticipated of 2008 and he said the 2 most Anticipated of 2008 the new ip was only for the 2007 par i wont ut3, bothfinalfantasy god of war 3 mgs 4 gt4 and a coulple more and im sorted (thtas just for starters)

Phantom_Lee4041d ago

u crazy~ man~
White Knight Story is going to least for me, its number 1 on my list...what can i a sucker for JRPG

CrazzyMan4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

BUT, i just don`t understand what so great about WKS? Maybe i did miss some footage or what?
Well, i am not very excited about how characters look. Though, there will be ability to customize them, still.. well it`s level 5, and i loved Rogue galaxy, but for now, don`t see nothing great about WKS.

this trailer -> looks cool, though still not very impressed by characters design.. and not very impressed with that first level gameplay, i hope they will show some new footages from game soon.
some cutscenes on engine looks like CGI, primitive, but still CGI. That is nice of`course. The art of everything else is Superb of`course too. Anyway, 2008 will show. =)

Bolts4041d ago

You guys obviously don't play MMOs, the Agency looks absolutely stupid. I bet that project will never get off the ground. I would rather see an updated version of Planetside for the PS3.

Phantom_Lee4041d ago

I see what u mean...but for some reason I know Level 5 is going to pull they always do(..they better...with their aswome office...)same thing with dark cloud and rough galaxy...those 2 games have simple battle system..u know, nothing fancy.....but still, 2 good u never know..

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cain1414042d ago

Everything I have seen about this game, makes me wich I had a PS3...

HarryEtTubMan4042d ago

I know MGS4 and alot of these PS3 games coming will be amazing.... But I hve a really strong feeling Killzone 2 is gonna be a killer.

Relcom4041d ago

The list is "Playstation 3: The Best New IPs of 2007 and The Most Anticipated of 2008"


Are you guys being serious? TANOD, meues can you guys read or not? lol

cain1414041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I'm glad someone on this site can read... This article has confirmed some suspicions I've had for a long time. No matter what console they support fanboys are illiterate lol...

Relcom4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I literally laughed for about 10 sec reading there retarded comments. This is the best story ever now. LOL Killzone 2, MGS4, come on guys, NEW IP's.....NEW.

Oh well it was a good laugh at there expense.

Account deleted4041d ago

you can consider mgs4 a new ip if you discard the first three games, it is a new ip for a newcomer for the series, or another idea is you can consider them "new" ip's' since this is their first release on the ps3, anyway what my friends are trying to say is that 2008 will be a great year for gaming in general

ps but really my friends above you should start by reading the article then commenting

coolclimate04041d ago

be an a$$ about though, were all here for the same reason, for ps3 games. Band together guys its gonna be a rough year for us.

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Jdash244041d ago

how can resistance be on the best new ip of 2007 list if it came out in 2006?

Relcom4041d ago

It was a 07 release in Europe, so i think that was there reasoning i guess...

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