Resistance: Burning Skies - the first truly great portable FPS?

All Systems Go: Due out May 29th, Resistance: Burning Skies looks to finally satiate our desire for adequate FPS gaming on-the-go.

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TheFirstClassic4297d ago

Burning Skies looks awesome, and that box art looks SICK, but I'm a little afraid it won't turn out too well. It's being made by nihilistic, the same people who made heroes on the move and a few other mediocre games. The demos still look great though.

SonyStyled4297d ago

they definitely dont have the best record in the world but more than likely this will the there 'golden' title

SamPao4297d ago

I hope so too! looks realy promising!

badz1494297d ago

I thought that it's a TPS like Retribution. nah...still gonna buy it! love Resistance!

murkster-dubez4297d ago

I have high hopes for this one

clrlite4297d ago

Nice little article. Since I have to build a new PC first, I will wait until the launch of this game to get my Vita(when I have more extra $$$$).

The portable(online) FPS could be a huge thing for sony IF they market it correctly.

If they don't market it though, competition will "copy" it, invest in proper marketing, and be heralded as the true innovators.

I think Sony knows what they are doing here though :)

brettyd4297d ago

Cant wait to see how a fps works on vita.

HarryMasonHerpderp4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

Here you go! =)
(think thats an old version of the game though)

brettyd4297d ago

when i said "see" i meant how it feels and how accurate it is.

Burning_Finger4297d ago

Can't wait. I've really enjoyed the online connectivity of Playstation vita. Playing UMVC online is awesome. I hope they patch Uncharted GA to have multiplayer online.

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Resistance: Burning Skies Pitch Presentation Leaked, Was Originally Resistance: Homefront

Resistance: Burning Skies was pitched on October 19, 2009 as Resistance: Homefront, 2.5 years before it was released on the PS Vita.

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Espangerish871d ago

Game was a wasted opportunity on the Vita. Really disappointing release that stank of a rough rush job.

SullysCigar871d ago

Especially compared to the awesome Killzone Mercenary.

AnotherProGamer869d ago

I never understood how Nihilistic Software got so much work, they were allowed to make Resistence and Call of Duty on Vita when their track record is terrible. was their really no talented devs they could find

Blank871d ago

Crazy to think this dev team also failed with COD. I think that unproven team bit off more than what they could chew. In a parallel universe they could’ve been the next big thing by this point if they had only tried to be creative with these major game licenses.